Rahu in Taurus Ketu in Scorpio 2020-2022, Effects

Shadow planets or Moon’s nodes, Rahu and Ketu will be transiting in Taurus (Vrishabha Rasi) and Scorpio (Vrischika Rasi) respectively from 20 September 2020, 17:11 IST till 17 March 2022, 19:51 IST (considering TRUE positions of nodes and KP ayanamsa).
Rahu moving into 2nd house of Kalapurusha(when counted from Aries), will destroy economies, promote financial crimes,
Ketu creates threatening situations, loss of livelihood, suicides, sudden deaths, communal violence.
Rahu in Taurus Ketu in Scorpio 2020-2022

During these 18 months, Rahu will be aspected by Jupiter transiting Capricorn until November 2021, but this does not ensure any positivity as Jupiter is debilitated and weakly placed along with powerful Saturn.
Ketu is aspected by Retrograde Saturn during 23 May – 11 October 2021, which seperates many from existing relations and form new ones.
In general, these transits are beneficial to those born in Moon Signs of Pisces, Cancer, Virgo and Sagittarius.
Taurus and Scorpio are strong signs of Rahu, Ketu. Anything that is destined to happen to you between September 2020 – March 2022 would be very intense and have long lasting results.
History suggests that previous transit of Rahu in Taurus, Ketu in Scorpio happened during 2002-2003.
Those 18 months witnessed economic recession, loss of jobs, collapse of multiple industries, banks and private finacial networks.
Rahu-Ketu will restart similar events this year.
In your personal life too, if any major good or bad event has happened during 2002-2003, then similar events can repeat at a different level this time.
Also, when conjunct with other planets, Rahu-Ketu become more powerful and deliver results of those planets too.

Taurus is an earth sign and when Rahu is placed in it, brings stability and a sense of permanence to many.
But Rahu also causes illusions and misleads, which needs to be observed carefully. All that looks good, may not last forever.
As Taurus is ruled by Venus, which represents love, passion, marriage etc, Rahu can create unusual relations, which can be across religions, regions, races and ethnicities.
Society also tends to accepts such relations during this transit.
Kids born during next 18 months grow up to be emotional short-tempered too. They also indulge in arguments which can lead to long lasting differences with friends and partners.
Rahu in Taurus also makes us spendthrift too, so we need to watchout bills while planning to buy luxury items.
Rahu in Venus signs can also make the native prone to addictions. Few people can choose some shady way of earning.
Taurus is ruled by Venus and is connected to the Anahata Chakra. Rahu in Taurus pushes us to invest time and money on arts, musical instruments, poetry, writing and anything ruled by our heart.

Ketu is associated with mystery, depth and complexity and so is Scorpio sign.
Ketu in Scorpio helps in research, finding hidden meanings from ancient books.
Kids born with Ketu in Scorpio like to do things on their own. They grow up to be mysterious in nature, with lot of layers in their personality.
It will be hard to read their mind. Their talkative nature can be deceptive.
People will be determined and work towards their goals.
Ketu in Scorpio gives good knowledge of occult subjects and sciences. People in medical field, especially surgeons can do exceedingly well.
Mars rules Scorpio and the Manipura Chakra. Ketu in Scorpio emphasises on Confidence, discernment, and overcoming fears.

Rahu transits in 2021-2022 : Rahu in Mrigasira (1st and 2nd quarters) until 19:09 IST, 13 February 2021.
From there in Rohini nakshatra until 11:15 IST, 20 September 2021.
Later in Krittika (2,3,4 quarters) till 19:15 IST, 17 March 2022.
Ketu transits in 2021-2022 : Ketu in Jyeshta nakshtra until 22:54 IST, 13 June 2021.
From there in Anuradha nakshatra until 00:37 IST, 15 February 2022.
Later in Visakha (4th quarter) till 19:51 IST, 17 March 2022.

People born under moon signs of Pisces (Meena) and Virgo (Kanya) will experience blessings of their grandparents (even if they are deceased).
Rahu and Ketu do not directly cast any influence on a person, but they employ indirect means through signs they are placed in, conjunct planets etc.
These effects are realised as sudden events, people we meet.
When Mars is conjunct Rahu, it causes communal riots, bomb blasts in cities, earth quakes, collapse of buildings, volcano eruptions, terrorist attacks.
During Rahu’s transit in Taurus, Mars will be conjunct with it during 22 February – 14 April 2021, and aspect it during 22 October – 04 December 2021.
Terrorists, radicals, naxalites, serial killers are usually born with this combination.
Mars conjunct Ketu during 05 December 2021 – 16 January 2022 and aspecting it during 20 July – 05 September 2021 delivers its impact through increased crime rate, deception, racist or religious wars.
A New Virus will effect computers during 2020-2021.

This Rahu in Taurus Ketu in Scorpio will be returning to where they were at the time of your birth, if your age is 17-18, 35-36, 53-54 or 71-72.
That means, if have Rahu in Taurus and Ketu in Scorpio in your natal chart, then you will experience a Rahu Ketu return chart as it happens once in multiples of 18 years.
For example : If Taurus and Scorpio are your 9th and 3rd house or otherwise, then expect lot of travel, research, fame, rise in fortune, support of siblings, father, gradparents, contact of celebrities.
Mars plays a major role until 13 February 2021, as Rahu in Mrigasira and Ketu in Scorpio (both owned by Mars) will deliver results of houses signified by Mars in your natal chart.
This is generally good for Pisces, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio and Capricorn ascendants.
Rahu in Taurus, Ketu in Scorpio from 20 September 2020 – Effects on 12 Moon Signs

Rahu in Taurus Ketu in Scorpio 2020-2022, Political and Economic Effects

Rahu in Gemini Ketu in Sagittarius during 2019-2020 have given rise to a new Virus (Covid-19), but Rahu in Taurus Ketu in Scorpio during September 2020 – March 2022 will free the world from this virus through vaccines and immunity boosters.
But economic impacts will continue as many businesses will shutdown and job being lost.
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan will be completely neglected on international stage. They also lose to India at border.
China pays the price with natural calamities during 2020-2021. Hongkong voice for freedom will be suppressed and neglected.
Russia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia can suffer for multiple reasons.
Terrorists will be exposed in few Indian cities.