Rainfall and Weather predictions for 2012

rainfall prediction 2012

2012 will witness lesser than average rainfall.
Distribution of rain will be uneven and agricultural lands will recieve lesser rainfall compared to mountains and cities.
East coast of india and Bangladesh will be effected by heavy rainfall and floods.
Coastal states of USA and Canada will also face floods.

Since Arghadhipati(Water) and Megadhipathi(Clouds and Rains) is Jupiter this year, and it was placed in fire sign Aries at begining of this year, rainfall will prove useless for agriculture and drinking water storage system.
Windspeed will be high but amount of rainfall on earth will not be satisfactory.
Cyclones and Monsoons will disappoint everyone, especially after facing a harsh summer.
This rainy season will make people feel that summer was better !

Eastern states of india and few east asian countries will also face earth quake situations in 2012.
Irrigation projects will slowdown and few governments will stop them permanently.
Dairy industry will flourish with increase in milk production and consumption.

Satellites and Airplanes will go in wrong directions and we will witness accidents in space.