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Rainfall Predictions for 2010

rainfall prediction 2010
Year 2010 will see moderate to less rainfall when compared to past 2 years.
Since Saturn is in earthy sign virgo and Rahu is placed in fire sign sagittarius, fire accidents, bomb blasts will increase on earth along with lot of heat.
Mars(kuja) is Meghadhipati(controller of rains) and Arghadhipati this year and since it was placed in debilitated sign, cancer at the begining of year, it will create windy conditions but low rainfall on agricultural land and on water storage areas on earth.
Most of the rain will fall on mountains and on ocean which will go unused by humans.
Agriculture will be effected and production of food will be lower when compared to past 2 years.
Prices of food items will increase.
Few coastal areas across the world will suddenly experience heavy cyclones and floods resulting in further damage.

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