Saturn Effects in Durmukhi Nama Samvatsara (2016-17)

saturn durmukhi nama samvatsara effectsSaturn is Sasyadhipati (Agriculture) and Nirasapdhipati for Vedic New Year Durmukhi Nama Samvatsara (2016-17).
As Saturn (Sani) controls land related issues this year, Real Estate business will pickup in many areas.
Land rates which were stable in past 2 years, will see a raise.
There will be inadequate rainfall but governments will be able to manage water resources by linking rivers.
Most farmers will struggle to make profits and remain indebted to banks.

Production of Tobacco will be less this year. Only those crops which yield nuts and roots below soil, will have good profits.
Unexpected rainfall will prove disastrous.
Popularity for inorganic vegetables, fruits and cereals will increase.
Some land mass will be lost in coastal areas during cyclones.

Saturn being Nirasadhipati will make youth revolt against their parents.
Very few will act responsibly, while most will get addicted to alcohol, drugs, tobacco etc.
Schemes and ideas to make easy and quick money will be invented.
Cyber cell of Police departments will be kept busy with new challenging cases.
People will suffer from digestive problems.
Many will discover to have parasites residing in their intestines (due to junk food).

Love affairs (irrespective of relations) will increase. Most marriages will end up in courts.
Terrorists will successfully blast bombs in few european and asian cities.
Bad days for India during end of June and early July 2016 (politically and climatically).