Saturn’s transit into Virgo on 9th september 2009

While Saturn is in Virgo, all eyes turn to the details, systems and holistic patterns that are interwoven in life.
Virgo is an earth sign, putting Saturn’s focus on what’s here and now.
Saturn’s lessons are hard won, and gains made through Virgo are from daily effort, patience, resourcefulness and ability to adapt.

The massive effort to go green, while it may not yet address the underlying structure, gains momentum under this transit. It’s partly out of a realization of limits (Saturn) of natural systems, and the need to detox, heal, purify the earth’s elements. There’s a real focus on sustainability that is helped along by Saturn in Virgo’s lessons of simplicity, modest living and knowing what’s essential and what’s not.

More attention is paid to the particulars, like whether your food is sprayed with toxins or not, or if that toy has lead in it, and what’s all this about chemtrails in the sky? There’s the discipline to look rationally at cause and effect and base decisions on that, rather than taking anyone’s word for it. Virgo is the researcher, the analyzer and stubbornly wants to figure things out in a step-by-step way. Together with Saturn, that sets the stage for promising dot connecting by consumers, on all the things that impact our health.

While in earth-wise Virgo, Saturn will likely have hard lessons about what happens when the soil, air, water are poisoned. Food production is already being impacted by the earth’s degradation. Saturn, in his great teacher guise, could bring back the wisdom of the independent farmer, the one that lives intimately with natural cycles. Already people are creating gardens where they are, and making plans to become more self-sufficient. The waste and disconnect from nature of factory farming is proving harmful to our health, environment and spirit. Saturn helps direct us back to becoming farmers in our own humble garden plot.

In Virgo, the waste and lack of basic needs caused by a global economy becomes more obvious. There’s a turn back toward being rooted in the land, and cultivating a plot to find sustenance. Commutes are ditched in favor of more local work, and vegetable gardens and hen houses spring up in the suburbs again. The idea of eco-communities grows, especially in the face of uncertainty about the future, and the looming collapse of what we’ve come to count on. Mutual interdependence brings neighbors back together and re-weaves the societal web.

How it feels to have Saturn pressing your nose to the grindstone, or demanding higher standards, will depend on your own chart, of course. For earth signs, Saturn here keeps the wheels turning, and it could be a highly productive time. Those with Saturn in Virgo are experiencing the Saturn Return, which is when reality comes knocking. If there are areas where you’ve yet to grab the reins and harness your gifts, Saturn lets you know.

Saturn in Virgo is an ally for projects that call for precision, endurance and responsibility. It allows you to roll up the shirt sleeves, dig your hands in the mud, and create a self-sustaining system you can be proud of in the end. This might mean an actual garden, as in the nourishment of life. But it also means “cultivating your own garden” of talents through discipline. Saturn here helps you find a rhythm in the day that leads to a sense of productivity.

In health matters, Saturn’s limits show you what needs attention, through aches or low energy. In Virgo, the small components of your diet matter, as well as how well you balance things, allowing for relaxation. You might decide that it’s time to quit smoking for real, or trim down for your health. Knowing your body allows you to tune into cause & effect, and make subtle adjustments when you need to.

Saturn tends to bring out the fearful aspect of a sign, when not channeled in a way that feels stabilizing. That means we’ll need to guard against nervous OCD-type worry that feeds on itself. It’s helpful to find new outlets for the jittery physical energy of Virgo, such as crafts, gardening, martial arts, penning snail mail, book binding, yoga, tending to animals, volunteering, tree-hugging, giving and receiving massage, independent research, purifying in a sauna or hot tub, visiting a sacred place, creating an altar, researching enviro-toxins, home re-organizing, restorative nature projects, regular exercise, ritual cleansing, detoxing mind, body and spirit, and reaching for a new level of well-being.

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