2018 Yearly Moon Sign (Rasi) Predictions for 12 Signs

Scorching Summer ahead for 2010

scorching summer 2010As Mars remains in its debilitated sign Cancer till end of may 2010 and transit of Sun in Pisces opposing a retrograde Saturn in Virgo and its continual transit into its Exalted Sign Aries during April 2010 will cause scorching summer ahead.
Temperatures will touch record highs in many places and also humidity will increase in non-coastal regions too.
any people will die of sunstrokes. Scarcity of water will effect irrigation in many areas.
More countries and states will face draught this year when compared to last year.
Food production will be less and people will depend on animals.
New viral disease will spread during summer and there after.
Moonsoon and rains will be on time as Mars moves into friendly sign LEO during last week of May 2010.

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