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Seven planets influencing Pisces and Virgo in April 2011

Planets in pisces during april 2011
Venus enters the 12th sign of zodiac, Pisces on 16th April 2011 to join Jupiter, Mercury(retrograde), Mars which are already transiting this sign.
Sun has just left pisces but its influence will continue for few more days as Pisces lord Jupiter remains combust till 22nd april.
Between 15th-17th April, moon will be transiting Virgo and will be conjunct retrograde saturn to aspect Pisces.
This combined influence will start ending from 22nd april, when sun’s influence stops but again 5 major planets, Jupiter, Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus will be in Pisces between April 29th – May 1st and ascpected by Saturn.

Overall, this month of April will be very demanding for people born under Pisces moon signs and ascendants.
They will be pulled from all directions and most of them will fail to satisfy every relation.
Chosing priorities between Love, Work, Family, Finance, Friends etc will become tough and they will be blamed for negligence.
Lack of proper sleep or irregular sleep and diet will disturb their routine.
Useless expenditure should be controlled.

Few people will have skin allergies till end of this month.
Avoid sleeping during day, else you will suffer from insomnia at nights.
Similar experiences will be faced by Virgo born people too.
Most of them will work too hard and get paid nothing.

For people born under Aries, mental peace will be disturbed and expenditure will go beyond control.
For Aquarians, toothache or mouth ulcers will bother them. Lack of control over speech will effect them.
For Leos, this is the most toughest period in recent times and they need to wait for this to pass away.
Librans will have health issues.
Diabetic patients should take extra care this month.

If you are born in any of above signs, avoid all court cases and litigations this month.
Real estate dealings should be postponed to May 2nd week.

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