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Soft Drinks will prove to be hazardous to health in 2010

soft drinks hazardous to health predictionDue to effects of Moon in Vikruti year 2010-11, soft drinks will be proved hazardous to health.
Though there were few campaigns against usage of soft drinks in the past and few discussions about the harm they cause of health, especially teeth, nothing much was proved and realised by people.
But during next one year, many organizations will prove that these soft drinks are more harmful and poisonous than pesticides and people will stop using them in many places across the world.
Already in few states and countries, like Kerala in India, laws are made against sale of soft drinks and now it will spread to more areas.
People will drink more water but later will realise that even water is adulterated in packaged mineral water bottles.
Few countries will rely back on their traditional drinks which proved to be more healthier in past but were neglected.

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