Sun Dasa predictions for India (2009-2015)

Independent India Horoscope and Dasa PredictionsIndia attained independence on 15-Aug-1947, 00:00 HRS from the British at New Delhi, after Pakistan got seperated few hours earlier on 14th august.
This mundane astrological analysis is done based on the chart taken out for 00.00 hours on 15-Aug-1947 at Delhi, with planetary operating period of Vimshottari Mahadasha of Saturn Balance: 17 Years, 11 months, 6 Days are taken.

Name: Independent India, Place: New Delhi Date: 14/15-Aug-1947 Friday Time: 12-00-00 am (midnight)
Longitude:77-13-00 East, Latitude: 28-39-00 North Zone: IST 5.5hrs
Sys: KP Ay: 23° 1′ 43.78″
Settings: Universal Time
Sid.Time: 21° 8′ 12″
Latitude: Geographic Cusp
System: Placidus
Sun Rise : 5:52:58 (14 august)
Sun Set : 18:58:25 (14 august)
Lagna: Vrishabha, Krittika 4
Birth Rasi: Karkata
Birth Star: Pushya 1
LunarHalf: Krishna Paksha Thriodasi
Yoga: Siddhi
Karana: Vanija

Independent India Horoscope and Dasa Predictions


Sun signifies among many significations, medical, heart, temples, ego, pharmaceuticals, chemical,bones, Government, solar lights, authority, ruthlessness, straightforwardness, etc.
Sun is in Moon sign, Mercury star and Saturn sub in Cancer along with Venus and Saturn, who are also in Mercury star.

During the Sun VMD of 6 years from July 2009, there shall be direct, stringent and harsh rules / decisions by Government Authorities.
Adults including parents shall do a major push for conventionaltype of marriages. The divorce rates shall come down.
The rate of diabetes and HIV-AIDS shall come down. There shall be invention and effective usage of Medicines for diabetes, HIV-AIDS, etc.
During this period there shall be more stress on health care.Establishment of new hospitals will come up in the country.
More and more pharmaceutical activities shall surge.
More inventions with reference medicines shallbe made public. More Pharmaceutical production shall emerge.
Exports of more of Pharmaceutical products will take place. There will be high demand for Doctors and hospital staff.
Modernization of Hospitals will take placeboth at the Government and at the private level.
More cases related to heart problems could be reported to hospitals.

Government will acquire firm grip on many issues.
There will be a dress code for men and womena like in the professional front.
More and more business and employment activities shall be there in India. Share market will rise.

The society shall be found efficient, pleasing, orthodox business type. There shall be more of governmental grip on many matters.
An orthodox Government will be heading the Country. There will be conflict between labourers and government.
There will be infighting in theruling party who is governing the country.Construction of more religious places shall be expected.
Medical insurance shall be made compulsoryfor employees in many sectors.
There will be drought and more rains during this period.

Marriages will be brought under Law and new sections will be made under Indian Penal Code(IPC) related to this.
Share market will pick up steadily. Boom in IT, Medical Sciences, Aviation,Automobile, etc are foreseen.
There will be boom in the solar photovoltaic industry and more exports can be expected.
Health care, health insurance shall be issues.
Moon is lord of 3 and placed in Saturn star and is conjoined Dasha lord Sun, 9 and 10th lord Saturn, 1 and 6th lord Venus, 2nd and 5th lord Mercury.
All of them are placed in Cancer.
Moon is in Saturn star and Saturn signifies 10 and 11th houses.

From Sun Mahadasha, Moon Bhukti there shall be more research work, boost in matters connected to communications, Education in Pharmaceutical / medicines, research work in Agricultural / pharmaceutical sectors.
During this period there will be more labour and employment opportunities. Government will be compromised to protect the interest of the working class and employees.

Sun denotes Family / King’s rule or Anarchy, while Saturn restores democracy and gives more power to the people.
Since, upcoming Moon Dasa from july 2015 is heavily influenced by Saturn (moon in saturn’s star and sub), we can expect to see end of rule by few families and upcoming general elections during 2014 will witness emergence of new administrators (with saturn transiting libra).