Sun Effects in Sarvari Nama Samvatsara (2020-21)

Sun in Sri Sarvari Nama Samvatsara (2020-21) causes war in Asia, earth quakes, unemployment in europe, USA, new political equationsSun Sarvari nama samvatsara 2020-21

Sun (Surya Graha) is the Commander-in-Chief for Vedic New Year Sarvari Nama Samvatsara (2020-21), Arghyadhipathi (controls water etc.) and Meghadhipathi (Clouds and Rains).
Corruption cross all limits in constructions, real-estate, government contracts. New methods are used for corruption this year.
Fire accidents can happen in factories, forests, mines.
Boats and Ships sink, Satellites and rocket launches fail in 2020-21.
Enemies of a country exist within their own society.

Armed forces will be kept busy throughout the year. Their activities can become controversial.
Police department loses prestige in society. Many higher officials in police and army get exposed for their secret sexual relations.
NOTA votes can become decisive in deciding election winners.
Read, orange, pink colored flowers, clothers become more expensive but most bought this year.
South Indian states, Sri Lanka, Australia can be hit by natural calamities and terrorist attacks.
Earthquakes are more common throughout the world.

Gemstones and Diamonds are more expensive. Unusual rains during sunrise and sunset time can prove destructive in cities but useful in villages for agriculture.
More clouds, winds, thunderbolts, hailstorms can cause property damage.
India dominates neighbours in war situations. Defence budget properly utlizised to purchase new weapons.
Home minister will handle internal riots and unrest with his tactics.
Gold and Silver prices come down temporarily but again increase.
Psychological diseases, suicides, depression increases among youth.
Accidents, earthquakes are possible near Himalayas.