Telangana issue will be solved between November 2011 – May 2014

telangana state issueLatest issue arised is for seperate telangana state from andhra pradesh in india.
When jupiter is about to leave its debilitation sign capricorn in last month of 2009, this issue has caused serious disturbances in this area and people are expecting a peaceful conclusion.
But even after jupiter moves into aquarius, it was still viewed by debilitated mars and this will cause riots in cities and this issue has continued to burn government properties and revenue for next 8 months.
In last week of may 2010, mars had moved into Leo but was directly aspected by jupiter then and has continued this issue for next 6 weeks from there.
Also, in Andhra Pradesh’s horoscope, saturn has entered its moon sign in september 2009 and ever since it has seen many setbacks.
The state lost its CM in a helicopter crash, then it was followed by heavy floods which killed many.
The government’s strength was questioned and now the recent telangana issue.
However saturn will be transiting in Virgo till 15th november 2011 and no issue will be totally solved till then as saturn is slow moving planet and gives any result only in installments.
Meanwhile, the state capital, Hyderabad will become a hub for international terrorism and naxalism as government and police forces will be busy handling these issues.

Governments at state and centre will face severe threats and pressures after May 2011, when Rahu transits scorpio.
However, saturn’s transit in Libra from mid november 2011 will make all parties reach an understanding slowly and after many discussions.
Saturn’s improvement in position from 17th october 2011(vargottam is rasi and navamsa) will reduce the instensity of agitations and a compromise will be reached between unions and government.
Mars being stationary in Leo from november 2011 for almost 8 months will create some disruption but Jupiter’s aspect will make sure that state government will control the agitations.
Also people will feel vexed and lose sympathy over the agitators slowly.
Jupiter (the planet for justice) is in Aries(owned by mars) till mid may 2012.
This will make people fight for justice.
But the result is always controlled by Saturn, which will nullify those fights/agitations and drive towards justice for all from 17th october and more after it enters the Balanced sign Libra on 15th november 2011.
However, Saturn will clear this issue between November 2011 – May 2014.(more precisely when saturn transits Libra and when Rahu conjuncts it between 2012 november – 2014 may).

There will be minor setbacks for state government before august 2012, because of retorgrade motion of saturn back into virgo between may-july 2012.

(These predictions are based on transits only and favorable decision for Telangana will be taken by congress between july-october 2013.)