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Trade and Commerce predictions for 2010 in India

trade and commerce 2010Major planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu’s transitis will decide the progress of businesses and stock exchange etc during 2010.
Saturn will become retrograde from mid of January 2010 and will remain in same position up to May. Short fall of rains, lack of water and destruction of some cash crops due to severe cold will force the government to regulate the prices at central government level. Government will have to stop export of some major cereals along with import of an important grain.
Commerce activities will increase immensely due to stock tendencies of the big merchants for huge profits by way of selling the commodities in the scarcity areas. Domestic trading will cause price leveling at par throughout India but government will not be able to take action against the culprits. High political and beaurocratic nexus will be exposed during the parliamentary sessions.

Big Houses: At least three big houses will come into close race of acquisition of a company abroad. Year 2010 will be remembered for mergers and acquisitions worldwide involving Indian giants. Indian telecom companies and automobile companies will earn high profits. As against the whole of the world, Indian companies will recruit more during their expansion programmes.

Gems and Jewelery: Government will support exports and imports in these areas in a bigger way and the total trade is expected to go high as compared to previous year. This will be due to Jupiter in Aquarius after December 2009 and will enter Pisces during May 2010. Jupiter in its own zodiac sign will help this industry surprisingly.

Technology Products: Commerce of software, hardware, other technology products and technical know how will be on boom this year. Market of electronics will earn high profits. Indian professionals doing in these areas will be much wanted, denying impacts of recession.

Textiles: Indian exporters may have hopes of more business this year. India may attempt to ban products of some countries as a counter to the conservative practices of some countries. India will support domestic manufacturers and traders in the field of textiles and may relaxed some duties and improve the provisions of buy back money. Production of cotton and yarn may reach to highest levels during the first half of 2010.

Petroleum: Due to increase in petroleum products in India, country will save hard currency up to few extent. This year 2 or 3 more oil resources could be explored out of which one will be rich of crude contents. Prices of petroleum will follow the same pattern. One of the biggest company will have to mobilize resources owing to deficit. Import of petrol will be costlier this year.
Metals: Production of copper, iron, zink, silver will increase. Import of gold will increase.

Non Metals: Production of phosphates, sulfur, organic and inorganic chemicals, fertilizers, other fuels will be more this year. Silica, chips, quartz and similar products will be comfortable in the market this year.

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