Venus Effects in Krodhi Nama Samvatsara (2024-25)

Venus is Senadhipathi (Commander-in-Chief), Meghadhipathi (Clouds) and Arghyadhipati (Water) for Vedic New Year Krodhi Nama Samvatsara (2024-25).
Venus Krodhi Nama Samvatsara (2024-25)Defence budget increases as they buy more weapons.
Terrorism will be kept under check by intelligence and army.
More women get into sports, scientific research, cultural activities, entertainment and make name for themselves.
GOLD price increases but there are more buyers for both physical and digital forms.
Few countries in Asia face terrorist challenges in their border states.
More politicians face legal issues and also can get arrested.
USA gets hit by natural calamities like cyclone and floods.
Food and water adultery leads to more people suffering from gastroenteric diseases.
Cosmetics, surgeries, laser treatments, hair transplants, skin treatments get expensive with little or no results.

Venus controlling clouds will melt glaciers at poles and mountains.
Air pollution increases multifold.
Water disputes increase between countries and states.
People living in mountain regions need to be cautious against earth quakes, land slides and floods.
Rainfall in cities can turn roads into pools.
New tax policies will not be liked by small businesses.

East coasts of many countries get hit by natural calamities.
Agriculture receives timely but less rainfall.
Thunderbolts destroy public properties.
HOTTEST Summer in recent times along with sunstrokes claim many human and animal lives.
Few bird species go extinct this year.