Venus Effects in Subhakritu Nama Samvatsara (2022-23)

Venus is the Dhaanyadhipati (controls cereals and grains) for Vedic New Year Subhakritu Nama Samvatsara (2022-23).
Venus Subhakritu nama samvatsara 2022-23
Venus will increase food production and store more grains than sufficient for this year.

People who eat home made food will be healthy, while others eating out suffer due to adulteration.
White colored grains are in demand and also produced more.
Farmers cultivating black colored grains lose half their crop. Pesticides usage increases and more people look towards organic food.
Indian food exports like rice, wheat etc increase compared to last year.
Rice mill owners get benefited by government policies and demand in market.
Government will try to implement farmers bill in different ways.
Black eyed beans or cow peas attract higher prices.
Ayurvedic products, medicinal plants gain more demand across the world as people recognise effectiveness of ayurveda.

Spices like turmeric, cloves, black pepper will be used more than red and green chillies.
Prices of pulse grains increases along with seed and vegetable oils.
Tobacco, Cannabis or marijuana cultivation increases secretly.
Aphrodisiac foods like Shilajit, satavari, aswagandha, gokshura, yashti madhuka will be in great demand as people lose natural potency due to irregular lifestyle.
Fake ayurvedic medicines, shampoos, soaps replace genuine ones.
Cotton and cow ghee demand higher prices. Coconuts and Bananas get expensive.

Smugglers will be caught trying to steal forest wealth.
More people turn vegetarian but only temporarily.
Uncontrolled usage of steroids by bodybuilders leads to heart attacks in middle age.
Jute bags gain popularity among women.
Silk industry also picks up and is more profitable.
Big Pharma will try every possible way to defame and destroy Ayurveda.