Venus Effects in Vilambi Nama Samvatsara (2018-19)

Venus (Sukra Graha) is the commander-in-chief for Vedic New Year Vilambi Nama Samvatsara (2018-19), Megadhipathi(Clouds and Rains) and also Arghyadhipati (controls water etc.)Venus Vilambi nama samvatsara 2018-19

Venus controlling armed forces is good for India’s security and defence system. Many women will play key roles and get selected in army, police and civil services.
Terrorists will not be able to penetrate and cause damages easily.
More women will gain fame in sports like cricket, badminton, swimming, shooting, driving etc.
At the same time, crime on women will also increase. Newly made laws will prove to be ineffective.
alcoholism will increase among all age groups. 90% of youth will be using drugs, smoking of cannabis, tobacco etc.
Roots of drug supply will be traced to neighbouring countries.
India gains more fame because of women during 2018-19.

Fake babas will increase and so will their sexual activities, which gets exposed by media.
Few women will gain power and control over a section of society by declaring themselves as Goddess or an Avatar.
Money making will be their prime agenda. Religion is a business and preachers are gods.

More women will be effected by diseases like cancer. Demise of a very popular woman can happen.
More rains in hilly areas and cities, but less in villages. Few metro cities will be severely effected by heavy rains.
Islands in Indian Ocean and Arabian sea, Sri Lanka, West Coast of India will experience heavy rains and cyclones.
New industries will be established and more jobs will be created.