Venus, Saturn & Rahu in Libra (September 2013) – Maha Yoga for Monetary Gains

Big planets Saturn and Rahu are already conjunct in the balancing sign Libra (Thula Rasi).
Their combined effect has increased ever since Saturn went direct (on 8th july) and Rahu entered its own constellation Swati (21st July 2013).

Although many negative effects have been seen so far like value of currency depreciating, social and communal conflicts effecting many businesses etc, Lord of Libra, Venus is yet to enter its own sign.
So far it has been traniting its sign of debilitation, Virgo.
On 6th September 2013, Venus will enter its own sign to Join its friendly planets Saturn and Rahu.
This produces a rare Maha-Yoga, which occurs once in 30 years and is good for monetary gains.
Usually, the conjunction of Saturn & Rahu in a horoscope is considered to be Shaapit (Cursed) Yoga.
Saturn, Rahu, Venus in Libra - Maha Yoga for money

Any influence of Saturn on Rahu (conjunction, aspect, rahu in capricorn or aquarius, both aspecting/influecing 1st or any house) is due to curses from past life(lives).
But, conjunction of Venus will temporarily nullify this bad effect till 1st October.
This does not depend on your present Vimsottari Dasa and is the right time for everyone to invest in right direction and reap the benefits later.
If you are running a beneficiary dasa and other favorable transits, then these 26 days will increase your income levels.

During September 8-10, Moon will also be conjunct these planets and enhance the results.
Positive 5th house aspect of Jupiter, 4th house aspect of Mars also help during this month.
However, people with aspect/conjunction of Mars & Saturn in their personal horoscopes will have to be watchful regarding their health and drive cautiously during this time.
If you have Shapit Yoga in your horoscope, then its better to keep your investments and income plans to yourself.
Disclosing or discussing them with others will lead to jealousness.

Mercury’s conjunction from 25th september will bring sudden stroke of luck regarding monetary affairs.
Ketu, which normally gives unexpected and sudden results, is aspecting this combination, which is adding more to the results.

So, pick a day suitable for you in september and start reaping the benefits.

People born with Moon in Bharani, Mrigasira, Arudra, Magha, Poorvaphalguni, Hastha, Visakha, Jyeshta, Uttarashada nakshatras should invest only after consulting their personal astrologers.