Venus transits & ownership in 2014-15, Effects

Venus 2014-15 transitDue its ownership and transits in the year Jaya Nama Samvatsara (2014-15), Venus (Sukra), usage of new drugs will increase.
Youth will find new ways of intoxicating their bodies.

alcoholism will increase. Few can even sell blood to buy liquor.
People without financial or family support will not get oppurtunities they deserve, despite having enough talent.
Adulteration of automobile fuel will damage vehicles and will be exposed by media, but no cases will be filed against oil companies or vendors.

People will remain frustrated on governments, politicians and will show their anger in elections.
Sale of Fake gemstones will increase along with fake babas and gurus, but more people will trust them.

Terrorism will increase in many cities.
India will face border tensions with Sri Lanka and China (more than Pakistan).
USA economy will not recover when compared to last year.
Europe and North America will face heavy rains.

In some cities, organized crime on women will increase and law will not be able to punish the culprits.

Majority of love marriages across religions, castes, races will endup in courts.