Weather, Rainfall, Cyclones, Earth Quakes & Summer in 2022

Summer 2022 will be short but hot. June-July will be hotter and humid than usual.
Ground water drying up in most cities and towns.
Weather Astrology Prediction 2021

Sunstrokes, heat wave, road and fire accidents can be experience during April-June 2022.
Bay of Bengal causes more than 1 cyclone which hits coastal Tamil Nadu (Chennai), Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Bengal.
North America (USA, Canada) will be hit by cyclones.
Rivers overflow during August-September cause road blockages and loss of human lives.
Odisha, Bengal will be most hit by floods and cyclone.
Cyclones continue till October-November and Andhra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala are most hit.
North-East states in India, Thailand, Myanmar experience earth quake during December 2022 – March 2023.
Agriculture and farmers are most hit by multiple cyclones in 2022.

Saturn transiting Aquarius (Kumbha Rasi) during May-July 2022 and partially aspecting Rahu in Aries (Mesha Rasi) causes frequent changes in climate, excess and unexpected rainfall, floods and cyclones.
Andaman and Nicobar Islands can also experience Earth Quake.
Few countries and states can witness colorful rains !
China, South Africa, Nigeria, South and North Korea will be hit by indifferent weather, earth quakes and cyclones.
Solar Eclipse on 30 April 2022 followed by Lunar Eclipse on 15-16 May cause unexpected and sudden changes in weather.
Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand hit by floods.
Powercuts in many Indian states.

Australians witness fire accidents and untimely rains.
Volcanoes destroy human lives, assets in asian and european countries.
Draught situations in Africa and India.
Solar Eclipse on 25 October 2022 followed by Lunar Eclipse on 7-8 November cause extended rains, floods.
Rahu in Aries is bad for Islands, Mountains.
Rainfall during winter season due to unusual aspects and conjunctions on planets.
Winter will be more colder and fog blocks vision till afternoon – Saturn in Aquarius (January 2023).