Weather, Rainfall, Cyclones and Summer in 2014

Rainfall Weather Astrology2014 will witness useless and untimely rainfall.
Most of the rain will come when it is least expected and it will be in excess at mountains, valleys and cities.

Villages will either experience scant or excess rainfall with floods. There will not be uniform and adequent rain anywhere.
Hail Storms will destroy agriculture in few rural areas.
Heavy Windflow will cause damage to light weight and temporary constructions.

Coastal areas and Islands will experience severe losses in mid 2014 and also during second half of this year.
South East Asian Islands, Southern India, USA, Mexico, Brazil will face heavy floods, cylones and tsunamis.

Majority of rainfall will be between May – November 2014.
All major rivers will overflow and cause floods.

Water accidents and deaths will increase this year.
Those who are going through Vimsottari Dasa or Bhukti of malefic Moon (Chandra) should avoid swimming, boating etc watersports this year.

Summer and Heat predictions for 2014

2014 summer will be hotter than past 2 years.
More people will die of sunstrokes and dehydration this year.
Avoid excess sun bathing, tanning etc this year.

Winter temperature predictions for 2014-15

Winter temperatures will be normal this year during day time but will fall drastically after sunset.
However, this winter will be bearable compared to past 2 winters.