Weather, Rainfall, Cyclones & Summer in 2018

East Asian countries like China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea can be effected by Earth quakes and cyclones.
Himalayas, North India, Pakistan, Afghanistan will also be hit by earth quake.
Weather Astrology Prediction 2018

East coast of India, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Bengal and Bangladesh will be hit by untimely rains and cyclones.
Kerala and Sri Lanka will be partially effected.
East coast of USA and Mexico will again be hit by cyclones in 2018 (similar to 2017). This can happen when 2 eclipses occur within same month (July 2018).
Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific islands, Thailand, Indonesia are also victims of natural calamities, famine.
Many rivers will start drying up in India due to lack of proper rains and illegal sand extraction.
More youth will be victims of deaths due to drowning in water.
North Indian cities will experience heavy rain fall. Agriculture will be effected during june-october 2018 in south Indian states due to rains and cyclones.

2018 Summer will be extremely hot.
Sun transit in Pisces (meena rasi) from 15 March, squared by Mars in Sagittarius (dhanus rasi) can make people feel dehydrated and exhausted quickly.
There can be some relief when Sun enters Aries (Mesha Rasi) during 2nd half of April 2018 and Saturn goes retrograde.
But as Mars exalts in Capricorn (Makara Rasi) from 2 May 2018 and squares Sun again, heat increases.
More people will be victims of sunstrokes, skin allergies, dehydration.
Ground water can dry up in many areas.

African continent, middle-east will see record temperatures in Summer 2018.
Rains will start early but will be untimely. However, they will continue till October.
Bay of Bengal can send 2 cyclones this year. Most roads and railway tracks will be damaged due to rains.
2018 Winter will start earlier than anticipated. Snowfall, fog, cold winds will bring down temperatures in early November.
North India (especially Delhi) will again be victim of Smog.

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