Weather, Rainfall, Cyclones & Summer in 2019

Summer will be extremely HOT as Mars conjuncts Rahu and aspects Saturn+Ketu during May-June 2019.
Also, Sun conjuncts Mars during 2nd half of June 2019, which extends Summer in India and delays rainfall.
Weather Astrology Prediction 2019

Fire accidents can be witnessed in cities and forests during May-July 2019. Many rivers will dry up and ground water availability becomes less.
Temperatures during Summer 2019 will break few past records.
Indonesia and surrounding Islands will be stuck by Earth Quake or Tsunami. Philippines, China and few Asia-Pacific Islands will be effected.
In USA – Texas, Florida, California will experience heavy cyclones and floods.
North India, Nepal (Himalayas), Mainland China can witness a BIG Earth Quake. Odisha will once again get hit by floods.
Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka, West Bengal, Bangladesh are also in the hitlist of nature (floods and cyclones).

Projects like National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG), Polavaram will remain for namesake without any visible progress.
Atleast one part of India will witness 52°C temperature in 2019.
Australia also can be effected by Earth Quakes, Cyclones and Floods in 2019.
Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh also are effected by Floods.
In many areas hailstorm will destroy properties.
West Coasts in many countries like India, Australia, USA, New Zealand can experience unusually heavy cyclones.
East Coasts will be hit by regular cyclones. Bay of Bengal hits Odisha, Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu in 2019.
Also there can be an earth quake in Andhra Pradesh.

Smog in winter causes road blockages, delays in flights and trains.
Rains start late but continue till early November 2019.
Canada and North-East states of USA will have early and severe winter.
South America also will be hit by cyclones and hurricanes around July 2019 (due to Solar Eclipse).
Partial Lunar Eclipse in July 2019 will effect weather in Australia, Asia-Pacific Islands, India, Africa, Europe, South America and Africa.
Solar Eclipse in December 2019 and Lunar Eclipse in January 2020 effects Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, South India and Middle-East.

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