Barack Obama Horoscope and Analysis in Vedic Astrology(K.P)

Barack H ObamaUSA President Barack H Obama has been facing severe criticism and pressure ever since he was elected to the chair 2 years back.
Now with world and amercan economy not recovering much, his policies are being criticised more.
His party’s recent loss during elections are also a big setback for him.

A quick look at Obama’s chart in vedic method :

Barack H Obama was born on august 4th 1961 at 19:24 hours, in Honolulu, Hawai.

Barack Obama Vedic horoscope chart

Obama was running Jupiter dasa, Moon bhukti when he was elected during 2008.
Moon being exalted and on own constellation and sub of Rohini has helped him achieve this feat, though retrograde jupiter caused some hurdles.
His recent crisis came in Jupiter-Mars bhukti because mars is placed on constellation of 8th lord sun and sub of Rahu, who is conjunct 8th lord sun.

Also saturn’s transit in virgo between september 2009 – november 2011 will be bad for him and american economy as he has saturn with ‘0’ points in ashtakavarga for virgo sign.

Jupiter’s direct transit in pisces between december 2010 – may 2011 will give him some relief as it has 7 points in ashtakavarga for pisces sign.

He has slim chances to get re-elected to president’s chair in 2012 because he will be entering into Saturn dasa by end of june 2012.
Saturn being retrograde(though lord of 1st and 2nd houses), is placed in 12th house (in bhava chakra) and is on constellation of 8th lord sun and sub of 12th lord jupiter(who is also in 12th house in bhava chakra).

So Obama may somehow manage to survive for next 2 years at office but future looks dull for him.
Due to saturn and jupiter’s retrogression in his chart, his decisions will be severely criticised.
His term as president during 2012 will be somewhat better than his initial 3 years.
Even after getting re-elected in 2012, he will not be able to solve much of the economic problems in USA

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