Capricorn Ascendant (Makara Lagna) – Vimsottari dasas and results

Capricorn AscendantCapricorn Ascendant (Makara Lagna) born natives will have favorable period during Saturn, Venus and Mercury dasas according to Vedic Astrology.
Jupiter, Sun, Mars dasas will generally yield bad results and Moon dasa will be moderate.
Rahu and Ketu dasas also yield moderate results based on the houses they occupy and conjunctions.

During 16 years of jupiter (guru) dasa, students will face failures and setbacks in education.
Health and financial problems will make you suffer frequently.
Friends and followers will also disappointment. Life style will be forcefully changed and you will realize that this is not the right time to exhibit your intelligence and calibre.
You will be useful for everyone except yourself.
Highly influential people in society will develop hatred and enemity towards you without proper reason.
You will be forced away from relatives for helping friends.
Many oppurtunities will be wasted during this dasa.

During 7 years of Mars (kuja) dasa, court cases, litigation, health issues will trouble you.
You will lose in business and property issues. Siblings and close relatives will also cause you some upsets.
Only few, who dare to start small businesses will see some benefits.
To cross these 7 years, performing Angaaraka homam is the best known remedy.

During 6 years of sun dasa, you will face humiliating situations everywhere.
Profession, relations, finance, health will be distrubed.
You will feel lonely and will not find a trustworthy person to share your sorrow.
Court cases, pressure from higher officials will cause depression and fear in your mind.
You will need to face situations with stubborn nature to get through these 6 years.
Performing Rudra paasupata homam is best known remedy for this dasa.

During moderate 10 years of Moon (chandra) dasa, you will be targetted by gossip mongers.
You will be blamed for secret acitivites.
Those is fields of art, literature and entertainment will see good progress but will have differences with opposite sex.
Dairy and rice business will flourish, love affairs will materialise into long term relations and long distance travel will prove to be fruitful.
However, mother’s health and relation will her will suffer.
Court cases may go against you.
Scientists will see growth in their popularity. Minor health issues like allergy, asthma will trouble you.

During favourable 20 years of Venus (sukra) dasa, you will have lavish lifestyle.
Ancestral properties will be acquired and family business will flourish.
You will spend money lavishly on luxury items, cosmetics and beauty treatments.
People preparing for civil services or government jobs will have favorable results and those already recruited will enjoy promotions.
Politicians will enjoy power and earn lot of fame and money.
But many of you will not be able to help your siblings and relatives.

During favorable 17 years of Mercury (budha) dasa, you will earn great reputation as a writer.
If you are in television or cinema, you will earn fame as good director.
Professions like astrology, Vaastu will also bring good income and reputation.
Few will manipulate documents and benefit from them.
Finance business, education, long distance relations, export business will bring profits.
Only hurdle you will face during this dasa, is performing auspicious ceremonies like marriage for yourself or in your family.

During 19 years of Saturn (sani) dasa, life will start at lowest level and slowly grow with your efforts.
Luck will not come overnight and you will have to struggle through each phase of life.
Few elders will help you gain knowledge and understand the society.
Friends will disappoint you but if you ignore them and move on, you will progress in life.
You will have some dispute with father but relation with mother will be good.
Will respect moral values and also have religious and spiritual inclinations.
You will have lot of contacts but only few will prove to be useful.
Lawyers and politicians will slowly grow stronger in their fields.
Those is entertainment field will have to wait, as this dasa is only a learning experience.
You will fight for social justice but in many situations, it will elude you.

18 years of rahu dasa and 7 years of ketu dasa will yield moderate results, based on their placements, conjunctions and aspects of other planets.

Above predictions for dasa results will vary based on constellations and subdivisions occupied by those planets and also slight modifications will be done based on transit of planets.