Gemstone Remedy – A Myth

This gemstone remedy amuses me. To this day nobody has found a single Sashtra, which prescribes gems as a “remedy” for anything – from Parashara in 3000BC to anyone in 21st century AD!! So based on what are we supposed to prescribe gems as “remedies“?
A book known as “Mani Mala” is quoted by some, buts its origin is not clear and it’s a book on gems and not an accepted classic of astrology.

Navratna or Gemstones
Agni Purana‘ and few others discuss about the origin of these gemstones but don’t prescribe them as a “REMEDY” ! Instead, they say that a gemstone will enhance/attaract the related planet more.
So if you are having a bad planet, then you shouldn’t be wearing its related stone, but to counter its effect you need a benefic planet’s stone.
There are some Sanskrit verses from the Sashtras quoted quite frequently by these gem-sellers. But the verses merely say, “Suns colour is red, direction is east, nature is hot, metal is gold, gem is ruby… can keep them while doing the sun pooja….and after the pooja if you want you can wear them (meaning no need to either throw away or give away the Rubies and Diamonds!)” etc. They don?t prescribe the gems as a remedy for anything!! The same goes for the verses in the Vedas.
A verse from the Rig Veda says, “May the Sun, whom we pray, and who rules our existence, give us the required money and may he protect our savings for buying gems….“. This is merely asking for prosperity so that one can buy gold and gems like Rubies etc. and not a remedial prescription for anything!
If you have enough to buy gold and Rubies you are a well off man!
They impress people by the so-called ?authentic ancient Vedic prescriptions? and get away with it because to day 99% people don’t understand Sanskrit.
Truths and half-truths, when told in a nicely camouflaged manner, make wonderful lies.
A famous espionage training dictum taught to the agents by the famous CIA is, “Base your lies on a verifiable truth”. Our gem selling astrologers are very up-to-date!

In Vedic astrology we need an authentic classical authority basis on which to prescribe the remedies and cannot prescribe gemstones on the sayings of a Tom Dick & Harry!
Moreover no one knows on what basis to prescribe the gems. Is it for the flaws in the Birth chart, or for bad Dasas, or for bad transits, or for a specific purpose? Suppose Saturn is bad in a chart. You want to prescribe a gem for it. What about the lagna wise malefics and benefics? And what about the rasi analysis and the badhaka lords? Suppose Saturn is bad for your lagna but good for your rasi? Do we prescribe or not? If you prescribe ‘Blue Sapphire‘ then Saturn gains more power to harrass you more.
Apart from that, as we know each planet has its positive effects and its negative effects, in every sign and in every house. Suppose a planet by nature or situation is good for profession and bad for children. If the corresponding gem is prescribed and the planet becomes stronger, suppose he gets a promotion but his child dies??
No one knows how to control the positive and negative factors. Several gem-prescribing Pundits could not come up with a proper answer.

All of Indian kings used to wear loads of gems and all of them were beaten black and blue by every foreign invader from Alexander to the British!! So its better not to wear them!
Since the authentic verses say, “Suns colour is red, direction is east, nature is hot, metal is gold, gem is ruby…..” etc. etc. Here’s a cheaper remedy for you: Go to your office wearing red clothes and red shoes, keep a heater under your seat and sit facing the east (probably the toilet), use red color stationary and pen – and expect the Sun God to be pleased with you and give auspicious results!! If you take the remedies to fanatic and foolish extents, you’ll become a prey to the cheats and charlatans and waste your time and a lot of money.

A stone can’t change anybody’s destiny; only Poojas, Mantras and Stotras can, if properly done.
That’s why our ancient seers prescribed them and ignored the gems.
Stick to the authentic prescriptions of the astrology Sashtras. A lot of things we have today were not there in the ancient days, like computers or antibiotic medicines or heart operations, and were not prescribed in the Sashtras. But gems were there in those days and yet were ignored as an astrological cure. So their uselessness as a remedy is obvious.

Everything in this world, both the living and the non living, emits some positive vibrations and some negative vibrations called “spandana“. Only the highly evolved Paramahamsa level saints and yogis know how to control them properly. Not these gem selling astrologers.

A standard answer by a lot of these astrologers is “This was told by my guru Sri Sri Sri 1008 Stupid-Ananda Maharaj!!“. When you ask where he is, the reply is that he wanders in the high Himalayas and doesn’t normally give darshan to every one!!
So you see we can never verify from him. Did they ever ask back their Guru “why ?” or just blindly follow him ?

However one effect of the gemstones is guaranteed. If you wear a big sparkling diamond, a lot of people, with their Venus or the 7th lord (of marriage/love life) afflicted, will be attracted to you! A gemstone can only attract more of the planet related stuff to you. If you are a businessman, and wear Emerald, then it can attract more clients to you. But Mercury in your chart should be in a benefic position and own good houses, else it can cause mental disturbance.

A lot of practicing astrologers get some very lucrative offers from gem-sellers, from cuts in prescriptions to promoting gem-cure books. I get quite a few offers!! The average Indian astrologer gets less than Rs.100/- for a prediction. But if he prescribes a “Pukhraj” or yellow topaz, which is the most prescribed stone, its worth Rs.15000/ to Rs.25000/- and his cut is a cool 10%.
It is normally prescribed with a warning, like “ The quality and colour must be right and it must be flawless“.
So you see, either the gullible man buys it through the prescribing astrologer or brings it for his “approval” and the astrologer is assured of his commission!
This gem prescription has become so common that, leave alone the general public, even a lot of astrologers actually believe in it. What is more, the common man believes so much in this gem-remedy that, an astrologer not prescribing gems is frowned upon and regarded as someone who does not know about the “proper remedies“!! So not many astrologers have the guts to tell the truth.

A proper and genuine astrologer would recommend Rudraksh / Mantras as far better solutions to many problems.