Identifying Friends and their nature through Horoscope

friends in horoscopeFriend in need is a friend indeed, thus goes the famous proverb on friendship. And we tend to spend most of our time, and share most of our emotions with friends, who come into our life as strangers and stay permanently in our life as angels, always being with us in both good and bad times.
Astrologically friends are identified from the 11th house of an individual?s horoscope/natal chart. If the 11th lord or the 11th house of a person is strong, the person will be socially famous, well known, and will have influential and powerful friends. If this lord or house is weak, it can be easily said that the person will have problems and misunderstanding with friendships leading to pain, losses, and misgivings!
This simple fundamental rests on the amazing logic of Hindu rishis/saints. The 11th lord and house also signifies income. It can be interpreted that a person who has many friends makes more money using his contacts, and can get his important work done very easily, right from getting to know about a job vacancy or investing in the right place based on friends? advice.
Friends and relations with them can be determined through Mercury and significators of 11th house in your horoscope.
11th house owner, planets associated with it, planets in 11th house, planets viewing 11th house makeup our friends.
Lets look at what kind of friends do we make on this Friendship Day

A strongly placed mercury (in its own sign, exaltation, or on its own nakshatra) gives a person respect among their friends.
This person is treated with respect and his/her friends look upto them for advice and help.
Mercury should not be owning 6,8,12 houses or should not be placed in those houses.

Planets and friends

11th owner in its own sign, or sun, moon, mercury, jupiter, venus in 11th house gives wellwishers as friends.

Natural malefics like mars,saturn.rahu,ketu,uranus can cause trechery by friends.
Such people should be careful in selecting friends. This can be the other way if planets are debilated.

Saturn in 11th house (even if debilated) will cause trechery in business, partnerships etc by friends.
His/Her friends will use them and ditch them when in need.

Neptune in 11th house can cause difference of opinions among friends.

Mars in 11th house can cause harsh speech, disputes and misunderstandings.

Uranus in 11th house can cause planned trechery, non-belief etc.

If above planets are viewed by jupiter, then ill effects will be minimised.

If malefic planets in 11th house are close to 10th house or are connected to 10th lord, then native will be destroyed by his friends.
Moon if afflicted by Saturn will cause pain due to friends and lovers. They waste time of the native in the name of friendship or love and in the end cheat them.

If mercury is viewed by venus or jupiter (or) if sun,moon,mercury own 11th house and if are well placed(in 1,2,4,5,7,9,10,11 houses) then native will have good friends.
If 11th owner is in 6,8,12 or debilated or combust by sun, then native will realize his friends real intentions only after being cheated.

Owners of 11th House help Identifying Friends

If the 11th lord is Sun, then the person will be connected with politicians and powerful people in corporate sectors like General Managers, Chief Executive Officers et al. If the Sun is averagely placed, then the person will be friendly with people who are in the lower cadre of hierarchy.

If Moon is the 11th lord, the person will have friends who are mostly travelers, pilots, sailors, cooks and artists.

If the 11th lord is that of Mars, the person will have friends who are sportspersons, martial artists, rowdies and also lower class people.

If the 11th lord is that of Mercury, the person will be friendly with traders and businessmen.

If the 11th lord is that of Jupiter, the person will be friendly with lawyers, bankers, philosophers, teachers and preachers.

If the 11th lord is that of Venus, the person will be friendly with women, cinema and media people. They will have classy and showy people as friends.

If the 11th lord is that of Saturn, the person will be friendly with older people, and people from lower status. For them the friends will be helpful in tough and difficult situations.

If the 11th house has Rahu, the person will have foreigners and people of other religion/community as friends.

If the 11th house has Ketu, the person will get along well with people in priestess of sex, murderess and jailbirds. They will also get along with people who have occult powers.