Incompatible Zodiac Signs for Love & Relationships

Moon signs define our general psychology and based on grouping of these zodiac signs, their compatability can be judged.
12 Zodiac Signs are divided into 4 groups based on elements like Earth, Air, Fire, Water.
3 signs in each group are generally compatible with each other.
However, there can be differences too based on their basic traits, which make them incompatible zodiac signs.
incompatible zodiac signs

Incompatible Zodiac Moon Signs

Pisces & Gemini : Pisces is a dreamer but likes to settle in a relation soon, while Gemini thinks that there are too many fishes in the water to be explored.
Pisces can be over-sensitive sometimes while Gemini cares only about themselves.
Even if both of them get attracted, it will fade out soon and leave a bad taste for longer time.

Aries & Scorpio : Too much of Mars characteristics destroy their compatability.
Both are strong and highly independent.
For business, this can be a good relation as both are aggressive and highly ambitious.
But for love, this can be devastating !
While Arians want to take control and lead, Scorpions will hate being ruled.
Both suffer from jealousy.
Scorpions expect loyalty and commitment while Arians will try to flirt with many.

Taurus & Aquarius : Initially there can be fascination for Taurans by Aquarians but this will soon fade away !
Aquarius likes to be different and hate the routine, while Taurus wants to remain grounded and hates frequent change.
This will lead to differences sooner or later as Taurus does not adapt easily and would like to end their relation with Aquarius.

Gemini & Cancer : Cancer is too sensitive for Gemini.
The Geminis do not care unless it is too important for their life.
They will get tired of Cancer’s delicate mentality and would make them think of breaking up ASAP.
It would be better for them not to date at all.

Leo & Pisces : Piscean waters will extinguish Leo fire !
While Pisces is a dreamer and is happy in their imaginary world, Leo is a doer and wants to get things done practically.
Pisces is extremely sensitive and is subject to frequent mood swings while Leo does not like uncertainity.
Leos demand a lot and also throw tantrums, which cannot be handled by Pisces.

Libra & Capricorn : While Libra tries to achieve balance and perfection, Capricorn does not even care for it.
To solve an issue and maintain harmony, Libra would like to open up and discuss issues. Capricorns simply hate discussions and dwelling on past issues.
Ultimately Librans can walkout to find better compatible person.

Virgo & Leo : Here Earth and Fire elements clash !
Leo wants fulltime attention, while Virgo would like some privacy.
Leo like big parties, showup, extravagant lifestyles etc, while Virgo prefers small dinners with close persons and down to earth lifestyle.
Leo’s choice of drama is hated by Virgo.

Sagittarius & Capricorn : This is a classic example where each get into a relation assuming that they can change their partner in future, but will fail.
Sagittarian is always optimistic while Capricorn does not like it.
They think that sagittarians are fluffy and this will bring a downfall in relationship.
Both are intelligent enough to realize this mismatch soon and will part ways.

Aquarius & Scorpio : They both appear to have same interests, ambitions, goals, outlook etc.
However, Aquarius does not give 100% into a relation and Scorpio hates this.
Aquarius is not a serious committer, while Scorpions can be jealous and over possessive.
Scorpions want to plan for everything, while Aquarians would like to live every moment as it comes.
This leads to a breakup !