Nakshatras (Constellations) and Love connections

You might be knowing your Moon Signs, but do you know that a person’s moon sign may be Aries, but in Aries he could be an Aswini, Bharini or Krittika.
What this means is that along with the qualities of Aries one will have some unique qualities due to the nakshatra, which will differentiate him/her from other Arians.

Love in HoroscopeThere are two /three nakshatras in every sign of the zodiac. Some nakshatras spill over two signs. For example, a person born in the first part of Krittika will be an Arian and the latter part, a Taurean. Knowing your or your loved ones’ nakshatra will give you an insight into their character, temperament and emotional patterns. Each and every nakshatra has its own characteristic features, symbols, animal and alphabets or special consonants for birth names.

Here is a glimpse into the mystical world of Nakshatras and the romantic compatibility perspective:

Ashwini : The first nakshatra is ruled by Ketu; the symbol of this nakshatra is the horse’s head. These people are extremely good-looking, powerful and bright. Martial by temperament they are very honest, action-oriented and self-motivated. They always keep on chasing some dream or the other. Dynamism, action and speed are the hallmarks of their personality.

Love and Romance : In relationships, these people look for someone who understands them and is like-minded. Idealistic and freedom loving, they need someone who will give them unconditional love. The perfect partner for them is Bharani, and they get along well with Pushyami, Ashlesha, Swati, Sravana and Revati.

Bharani : Ruled by the aesthetic and good-looking Venus, these people like all the good things in life and are sensation driven. The symbol of this nakshatra is yoni (female sexual organ). They have a pronounced creative and artistic side and they admire all forms of beauty and art. Pleasant, fun-loving and warm, they are goal-oriented and eternal seekers.

Love and Romance : These people are very sensual and dedicated to the partner and what they look for in love is commitment. Their ideal partner is someone who shares with them their vision of life. Loving and caring, they are very persistent in love. Aswini is the best partner for them and they get along well with Punarvasu, Swati, Uttarashadha and Sravana also.

Krittika : This nakshatra spans two signs and is ruled by the powerful Sun; whereas the first part of it falls in Aries, the latter part falls in Taurus. Fiery, warm and powerful their symbol is the razor. Depending on when one is born, people born in the first part are very martial and warrior-like in temperament, whereas those born in the latter are more calm, patient and gentle in temperament.

Love and Romance : These people are very warm and passionate and there is a certain intensity about them. Those in love with them have to be able to cope with their charged and volatile temperament. They get along best with Jyeshta and some other signs which get along well with them are Krittika, Pushyami and Satabisha.

Rohini : This nakshatra is ruled by the Moon and the symbol is a chariot. This combination of Moon and Venus (lord of Taurus) makes these people extremely attractive, good-looking and magnetic. They have a deep emotional nature and are charming, sensitive and emotional. Commitment and dedication are what endear them to their loved ones. By temperament these people are truthful, pious, soft-spoken and gentle.

Love and Romance : They are very sensitive and romantic. They need love to thrive and survive. Emotional and expressive, they seek perfection in the loved one and an ideal life partner. They give their whole-hearted and unconditional love and are extremely dedicated and devoted to the loved one. Anuradha is the perfect partner for them and they also get along well with Mrigshira, Pushyami , Satabhisa and Uttarabhadra.

Mrigasira : Ruled by the dynamic and fiery Mars, the symbol of this nakshatra is the head of the dear. The first part of the nakshatra is in Taurus and the remaining in Gemini. These people are quick-witted, witty, good orators, very optimistic, wealthy and fond of luxury. Those born in the first part have characteristics like stability and dedication whereas those born in the last two quarters are more creative, versatile and changeable.

Love and Romance : These people are extremely passionate and romantic and seek a partner who is an equal, on the same emotional and spiritual wavelength. They believe in soul-mates and only the right person can trigger all the hidden passion and romance in their soul. Their bond is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of relationship. Hasta is the perfect partner and they also get along well with Revathi, Arudra and Rohini.

Arudra Ruled by Rahu, the symbol of this nakshatra is the head, symbolising intellect. These people are intelligent, versatile and are immensely popular. They are attracted to all kinds of communication activities and are extremely versatile. They are the intellectual warriors. However, Rahu makes them secretive and nobody can make out what is going on in their mind.

Love and Romance : Loving and devoted, these people are very complex emotionally. Though they give hundred percent in any relationship, they expect the same. But as they are ruled by Rahu, they can be whimsical and strange at times and may find it difficult to differentiate between illusion and reality when it comes to love. They get along well with Mrigasira, Swati, Purvashadha and Revati.

Punarvasu : Ruled by the planet of wisdom, the benevolent Jupiter, this nakshatra also spills over the last part of Gemini and the beginning of Cancer. The symbol is a bow. These people are optimistic and have the power to achieve whatever they choose in their life. Generally wealthy and prosperous, nothing keeps them low for long and they have a tremendous ability to bounce back.

Love and Romance : Caring and happy, these people are always very popular with the opposite sex and there are too many contenders vying for their attention and love. For them, this is a very natural state of being and this can be irksome to their partner or loved one. But those who love them have to come to terms with it. They best get along with Bharini and Pushya.

Pushyami : Ruled by the hard taskmaster Saturn, they have an intrinsic thirst for knowledge. They are plodding, sincere, dedicated, hard-working and extremely patient. The word Pushya means flower, which is the symbol of this nakshatra. Saturn gives them success only after trying them for worthiness. Hence people born in this nakshatra have to face hardships in the early part of their life and they start achieving success from their mid-twenties.

Love and Romance :ยท These people are shy, reserve and restrained when it comes to expressing their feelings. Those in love with them will find it extremely difficult to communicate with them in the initial stages of the relationship. It takes them time to open up and have a comfort level with the loved one. They get along very well with Aswini and Ashlesha.

Aslesha : Ruled by Mercury, the planet of intelligence, the symbol of Aslesha is the serpent. They are youthful and charming in appearance. They have a penetrating insight and power to look deep inside people and understand their motivation or what goes on in their mind. They are very tactful and know how to win their opponents through tact.

Love and Romance : Very possessive and demanding in love, these people want to be the centre of their partner’s life or universe. They expect and demand hundred percent love and if they for any reason feel that they are being ignored or meted indifferent treatment they become miserable. Loyalty, love and affection give them emotional security. Pushya and Aswini are good partners for Aslesha.

Magha : Ruled by the spiritual planet Ketu, which signifies Tapasya or relentless efforts towards self awareness, these people are always striving towards perfection. The symbol is a palanquin and the lord of Leo is the Sun, which signifies the power, radiance and authority that is the hallmark of Magha personality. These people, in whatever capacity they work, have it in them to reach the top through continuous efforts.

Love and Romance : These people have a big ego and great expectations when it comes to choosing a life partner or relationships in general. Very idealistic, they have a fixed notion in their head about how they would like their partner to be and as a result have to search long and hard to find the right person. The ideal partner for them is Jyeshta and they also get along well with Poorvaphalguni and Magha.

Poorvaphalguni : The ruler of this nakshatra is the graceful and creative Venus and these people have a graceful appearance and an inbred sense of dignity and self-respect. Soft spoken, generous, good-looking and charismatic, they are invariably lucky and attract good fortune. They are straightforward people and do not like underhand dealings. Their symbol is the fireplace.

Love and Romance : Ruled by Venus, these people are very loving and accommodating by temperament and hence they are very happy and successful in their relationships. They are committed and adjusting and the happiness of their loved one is their prime concern. Hence they are very lucky and happy in love. They get along very well with Poorvaphalguni and also with Uttaraphalguni.

Uttaraphalguni Ruled by the Sun, this nakshatra also spills over two signs – Leo and Virgo. Hence, the characteristics of those born in the previous nakshatra are different from those born in the latter part. The symbol is the four legs of the bed. Generous, warm and giving by temperament, destiny plays a very important role in their lives. They are very ambitious and always like to be at the helm of matters or heading their chosen activity.

Love and Romance : Sensible and practical, they are adept at finding practical solutions to complicated emotional problems. Though slightly finicky and a perfectionist at times, they manage to build a happy personal life and relationships. The institution of family means a lot to them. They get along very well with Uttaraphalguni and Anuradha.

Hasta : Ruled by the Moon, the symbol of this nakshatra is the palm of the hand. Tall and thin in physical appearance, these people are optimistic, calm and composed and have tremendous control over their emotions. They win over others easily because of their charm. They can become good diplomats and do well in any profession that requires goodwill of others.

Love and Romance : These people are emotional and sensitive; yet their sensitivity is hidden beneath a practical and placid exterior. They may come across as selfish and dry to those in love with them but inside they are slightly insecure and wary of opening up. Love and patience brings out the best in them. They have a good relationship with Mrigasira , Chitra and Purvashadha.

Chitra Ruled by Mars, the symbol of this nakshatra is the pearl. Extending from the last part of Virgo to the beginning of Libra, they are extremely fond of good clothes and jewellery. They have beautiful eyes and appear much younger than their actual age. These people are gifted with the power of intuition and are suitable for any profession that requires analysing the trends of the future.

Love and Romance : It is very important for them to have their own space and hence these people are loners and it is difficult to fathom what exactly they want and what is going on in their mind. Even in the best of relationships, there will be a small corner of the heart which will be kept locked. They have the best relationship with Hasta, Moola and Chitra.

Swati : Ruled by Rahu, these people are strikingly beautiful in appearance. Their symbol is coral. They are basically peace-loving and gentle souls who believe in the principle of live and let live. They like to maintain balance and harmony in their life and are very successful. A well-balanced behaviour is the hallmark of their personality. Nothing irks them more than injustice.

Love and Romance : Romantic and good-looking, the love life of these people is rich and varied. They keep searching for that perfect partner or mate and may have a few flings here and there. But marriage is something serious and sacred to them and they become very committed once they are married. Bharani is the ideal partner; some others who will get along well are Arudra, Punarvasu, Hasta, Swati and so on.

Visakha : Ruled by Jupiter, this nakshatra traverses the last part of Libra and the beginning of Scorpio. These people are the most fortunate and lucky as Jupiter and Mars is a friendly combination. They are the favourites of destiny and things materialise for them without much effort. Their symbol is the potter’s wheel. Though they are materialistic and practical, they have a dormant spiritual side, which gradually opens up as they mature.

Love and Romance : They look for something beyond the material and seek a sort of refuge or peace in love. But their dissatisfaction with themselves and the world may at times cause some turmoil or unrest in the relationship. They have a tendency to drift in relationships. They best get along with Visakha, Chitra and Jyeshta.

Anuradha Ruled by Saturn, this nakshatra combines the strength and push of Mars (ruler of Scorpio) with the patience and hard work of Saturn. The symbol is the pure lotus. Persistent, wise and hard-working, they take themselves very seriously. At times, there may be some inner turmoil as the spiritual side and the material side fight for supremacy. But out of this confusion comes clarity about the direction and path in life.

Love and Romance : They are full of contradictions and wild swings in their temperament. In love also, they tend to think and ponder too much. They believe in an idealistic love and are willing to sacrifice everything for it. They have a lot of hidden passion and aspire for divine and sublime love. Jyeshta, Rohini and Uttaraphalguni get along well with Anuradha.

Jyeshta : This nakshatra is ruled by the planet of intelligence Mercury, while the fiery planet Mars owns this sign. As a result, people born in this nakshatra possess qualities of Mercury and Mars – they are aggressive on an intellectual level. Excellent communication and oratory skills are unique features of this nakshatra. On the flipside, they are short-tempered and need to cultivate diplomacy and learn to work as a team. The symbol is a ear-ring.

Love and Romance : Deeply mystic and spiritual, love opens up channels of communication and realization. They experience love at all levels from the physical, emotional and spiritual. On the other hand, they can be very possessive, and demanding in love. Anuradha and Magha are the best partners and they will get along with Krittika also.

Moola : Ruled by Ketu, the symbol of this nakshatra is the tail of a lion. This nakshatra has a lot of significance as these people are under the influence of Jupiter, which is the planet of wisdom and Ketu which indicates hard work or tapasya. Hence, people born in this nakshatra gain wisdom and knowledge through their hard work. They live by their own principles and rules. These people are adventurous, brave and excellent leaders.

Love and Romance : Though these people are honest, loving and straight, their love of freedom at times comes in the way of their relationships. They believe in living life their own way. They will best get along with like-minded people who do not have too many expectations. The perfect partner for them is Poorvashadha and they also get along well with Moola and Chitra.

Poorvashadha : Ruled by the artistic Venus, the symbol of this nakshatra is the elephant’s tusk. People born in this sign are good-looking, creative and artistically inclined. Bright and intelligent, they are good at advising others and leading them. They are hasty and impulsive at times and need to learn how to make decisions properly.

Love and Romance : These people like change and get very easily bored. Hence in a relationship, the partner must understand their constant need for change and some excitement. They bond well if the other person has similar interests and hobbies. They are constantly growing, improving and maturing and the partner has to keep pace with it. They best get along with Revathi and some other signs with whom they make good partners are Poorvashadha, and Moola.

Uttarashadha : Ruled by the charismatic Sun, these people are enlightened and intellectually gifted. They have an impressive and charismatic personality. The symbol of this sign is the legs of a cot. They are born leaders, honest, straight by temperament and great achievers. Immensely popular and sought after, they prefer their own company and are loners by temperament.

Love and Romance : It is because of their love of solitude that their relationships become complicated and difficult at times. Their quest for wisdom and love of solitude becomes a wall between them. However, once they fall in love with someone on the same wavelength, their love has a most unusual and timeless quality about it. The best relationship is with Uttarabhadra.

Sravana : Ruled by the beautiful and ever-changing Moon, the symbol of this nakshatra is a ear. These people are good-looking, intelligent, knowledgeable, generous, wealthy and famous. The changeable and wavering planet Moon owns this nakshatra. The characteristics of an individual born in this nakshatra shows a mix of the characteristics of both the planets Moon and Saturn, which gives them emotional depth and a philosophical attitude to life.

Love and Romance : Gentle, emotional and sensitive, these people are very loving and affectionate. But they like to keep their emotions and feelings hidden till they have really committed to the loved one. They seek understanding and empathy, a partner who will be able to understand them and accept them for what they are. Uttarabhadra is the perfect partner for them and they also get along with Bharini and Pushya.

Dhanishta : These people are generous, wealthy, adventurous and fond of music and dance. The symbol is a flute or drum and it is owned by the fiery planet Mars. People born in this nakshatra always excel in their chosen field of acitivity. Dhanishta-born people are intelligent, versatile and like to keep themselves engaged in a variety of activities. Others look up to them for leadership and guidance.

Love and Romance : Passionate and demanding these people expect a lot from their relationships. They are proud and have a big ego and unless the loved one learns to submerge their ego and meet their expectations, the relationship will not succeed. These people best get along with Sathabhisha and some others who get along well with them are Dhanishta and Krittika.

Sathabhisha : Ruled by the planet of illusion Rahu, the symbol of this nakshatra is the horse. The people born in this nakshatra have a refined and cultured appearance and are very determined and strong-willed. Once they make up their mind, nothing is impossible for them. Simple, principled people, they do not easily forgive and forget and have the ability to perceive and see things which others do not.

Love and Romance : They expect a lot out of their relationships, and continuously look for new thrills and excitement. A true, deep relationship is their lifeline but they do not always stick to traditions and conventions. True love, when it happens to them has a mystical other-worldly quality. Dhanishta is the perfect partner for them and they get along well with Rohini and Krittika.

Poorvabhadra : This nakshatra ruled by Jupiter again spills over two signs. While the first three quarters of this nakshatra fall in the sign Aquarius, the latter part of the nakshatra falls in the sign Pisces. Their symbol is the sword, which symbolises their dedication to a cause and willingness to fight for what they consider just and truthful. Very caring and considerate, they are ever ready to help those in need.

Love and Romance : Idealistic and romantic, they have the tendency to put their loved one on the pedestal and look at them with rose-tinted glasses. A true relationship is an emotional anchor which gives them a lot of moral support and sustenance. True love gives them fulfillment and a feeling of oneness with the universe. Their perfect partner is Uttarabhadra and they get along well with Mrigasira also.

Uttarabhadra : Ruled by Saturn, these people have the wisdom and detachment which come with Saturn’s benevolence. The symbol of this nakshatra is the twins, which implies that the people born in this sign have a dual personality. They may seem unassuming and low key though they are very intelligent and sharp. With a deep spiritual side, they go about life in a calm and collected manner and pursue their dreams and ideals. Endowed with leadership qualities, they do not discriminate and treat everyone as equal.

Love and Romance : There are bottlenecks in their relationships at times as they have a dual personality – the loving one and the detached and spiritual one. It interferes with their love life. Deeply sensitive and emotional, they are withdrawn and it is up to the partner to understand and know them. They best get along with Revathi and they also get along well with Uttarabhadra and Poorvabhadra.

Revathi : Ruled by Mercury, the planet of intelligence and communication, the symbol of this nakshatra is the fish. It comes in the last sign of the zodiac, the enlightened and the intuitive Pisces, which is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Revathi-born people show a mix of the qualities shown by both these planets – sharp intellect and business sense, blessed with deep insight and intuition. Sensitive, compassionate and caring, they strike the right balance between the practical and esoteric.

Love and Romance : Very sensitive and loving by temperament, they are very giving and considerate souls. In relationships, it is very important for them to bond with partners who understand their deep spiritual and inner needs. For them, emotions and psychological bonding are the key. The most perfect relationship is with Uttarabhadra and some signs with whom they get along are Poorvashadha and Bharani.