Pisces Ascendant (Meena Lagna) – Vimsottari dasas and results

Pisces AscendantPisces Ascendant (Meena Lagna) born natives will have favorable period during Jupiter and Mars dasas according to Vedic Astrology.
Venus, Saturn, Sun dasas will give unfavorable results, while Moon and Mercury dasas will be moderate.
Rahu and Ketu will also yield moderate results, but Ketu gives better life than Rahu.

During favorable 16 years of Jupiter(guru) dasa, natives will enjoy success, will be having high self confidence, progress in career, good education, intelligence and spiritual progress.
Life will slowly progress and income will also be satisfactory.
If you are in education field, this is best dasa for success.
Your talent will be appreciated and suitable post will be given at work but your partiality about religion, caste, race will be criticized.
You will spend some money and time for religious ceremonies and ancient traditions.
But your own family or close relatives will create disturbances in your personal lives.
Ego clashes at work will also cause irritation.

During favorable 7 years of Mars(kuja) dasa, suddenly income will increase.
Unexpectedly, properties worth huge amounts will be earned.
Religious and spiritual interests will also increase.
Siblings and relatives will also co-operate, but you will be recognised as ‘not so valuable person‘ in society.
You will not be given much importance in social activities.
You will create fake records and witnesses in court cases.
Real estate business will flourish.
Will be prone to alcoholism during this dasa.

During moderate Moon(chandra) dasa of 10 years, good progress in television, cinema, literature fields are indicated.
If Moon was closer to fullmoonday during birthtime, this dasa will yield good results, else moderate results will be experienced.
You will earn fame and money but also spend a lot due to your habits.
Your indiscipline and lack of commitment will make you lose few oppurtunities at work.
Few wrong or hurriedly taken decisions will effect your social image.
To overcome hurdles and bad effects of this dasa, performing Rudra Paasupata Homam and Maha Lakshmi Homam are best remedies.

During moderate Mercury(Budha) dasa of 17 years, progress in education will be good but lack of memory will create hurdles.
Differences with relatives, loss of properties due to mistakes in documentations will be seen.
You will be forced to live like a guest in your own house.
Your spouse’s decisions will create lot of inconvinience but you will be forced to remain quiet.
Writers and teachers will earn some reputation and money during this dasa.
Your knowledge and oral abilities will be recognised and appreciated.
Your hard earned money will be spent by people you dislike.
You will withdraw yourself from arguments and courtcases etc, to save some prestige.
To overcome these tough 17 years, performing Manyu Sookta Homam & Sudarsana Homam are best remedies.

During unfavorable Sun(Surya) dasa of 6 years, unstable profession, pressure due to loans, loss of prestige, loss of investments, loss in speculations and due to government decisions, troubles due to government officials, court cases are possible.
This dasa is favorable only for research, art and literature fields and for getting awards or recognition from government.
Differences with parental relatives is possible.
To overcome hurdles in these 6 years, performing Rudrabhishek every monday morning is best known remedy.

During highly unfavorable 20 years of Venus(Sukra) dasa, heavy loss in businesses, forced sale of ancestral properties for cheaper rate, unstable profession, frequent change of jobs, seperation or difference of opinion with spouse, only female children being born, court cases, being blamed frequently and bad publicity will be experienced.
Health also will become a major obstacle for progress.
To face these tough 20 years, performing Bhrigu Paasupata Homam or Mahalaskhmi Homam with lotus flowers and donating cows are best remedies.

During unfavorable 19 years of Saturn(Sani) dasa, lost oppurtunities will cause depression.
Self made mistakes and bad habits will cause heavy losses.
Relatives or close friends will cheat you.
Others will dominate you in your own house.
Children will also oppose you along with your spouse.
You will be forcefully involved in legal issues.
Knees, backbone (spinal chord) will cause pain during this dasa.
You will not get proper oppurtunities, though you’re qualified for them.
You will be cheated even at work and trials for new jobs.
Your sincerity and honesty will save you in few situations.
Expenditure will always be more than income and this will be a cause of concern during these 19 years.
To overcome few hurdles, performing Rudra Homam and donating food and clothes to physically handicapped on saturdays are effective remedies.

During favorable Ketu Dasa of 7 years, sudden luck will smile on you.
Good spouse, healthy children, well paying job, useful oppurtunities, spiritual progress, philanthropy will be seen.

During 18 years of Rahu Dasa, lifetime ambition will be fulfilled.
Powerful position will be attained at work.
Will travel long distance.
You Will earn a lot and also donate some part of that income.

Above predictions for dasa results will vary based on constellations and subdivisions occupied by those planets and also slight modifications will be done based on transit of planets.