Planetary aspects on constellations and effects

Planets and constellations
Similar to aspects on signs from their relative position, planets can aspect constellations too and their results are useful in analysing the results of transit.
Check out in which constellations(stars) are planets transiting now.
Sun and Moon aspect 14,15 constellations from their current position.(example : if moon is in hastha, it will aspect uttarabhadrapada and revati)
Saturn aspects 3,15,19 constellations from its placement.
Jupiter aspects 10,15,19 constellations from its placement.
Mars aspects 3,7,8,15 constellations from its placement.
Mercury and Saturn aspect 1,15 constellations from their placement.

Weak Moon(10 days before and after newmoon day) causes bad effects with its aspect.
Strong Moon(5 days before and after fullmoon day) will cause good effects with its aspect on 14,15 constellations from its placement.
Sun’s aspect causes ill-health and financial loss.
Mercury’s aspect is profitable.
Jupiter’s aspect is good for spiritual and materialistic progress.
Mars aspect gives negative results.
Saturn’s aspect causes troubles, obstacles, accidents, near death situations, finacial loss and bad health.

Combinational aspects of two planets and results :

  • Sun and Mars aspect causes threat, ill-health and losses.
  • Sun and Mercury aspect causes hurdles, insults and escapism.
  • Sun and Jupiter aspect causes success and comforts.
  • Sun and Venus aspect causes bad health and near death situations.
  • Sun and Saturn aspect causes threats, bad health and near death situations.
  • Sun and Moon aspect causes profits and success.
  • Moon and Venus aspect causes success and victory over enemies.
  • Moon and Saturn aspect causes bad health and near death situations.
  • Jupiter and Mercury aspect causes big success.
  • Mercury and Venus aspect causes victory in all undertakings.
  • Mercury and Saturn aspect causes disappointments and hurdles.
  • Jupiter and Saturn aspect causes disappointments and hurdles.
  • Jupiter and Venus aspect drives you to profitable situations.
  • Jupiter and Saturn aspect will cause disappointments and hurdles.
  • Saturn and Venus aspect will cause situations which are threatening for life.

Refer to these above effects only after considering your present vimsottari dasas and planetary strengths in Ashtakavarga for transits.
If dasa is good, then ill-effects will be minimised.
If dasa is bad, then good aspects on strong moon, mercury and jupiter will give some relief.