Rahul Gandhi Horoscope and Analysis

Rahul Gandhi Prime Minister Horoscope ChartRahul Gandhi was born on June 19th, 1970 at New Delhi to Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi in Karka(Cancer) lagna and Jyeshtha Nakshatra. His Moon Raashi is Scorpio. He is under the Mahadasha of Moon till July 2015. Saturn is the lord of the 7th and 8th house in his birth chart and is weakly placed in the 10 th house.

This Saturn is debilitated in 10th house but since its on constellation owned by Venus, it will make him popular and at the same time drag into controversies.

However, he will remain safe till 2014 due to Jupiter’s favorable effect.
He should take care of himself and his family as major threat is during 2014-15 when Saturn transits his moon sign(Scorpio) with only 1 point in Ashtakavarga and Mars Dasha not being favourable for him as Mars is placed in 12th house and its results are controlled by Rahu in 8th and Sun in 12th houses.

He will find it impossible to reach Prime Minister’s position during 2014. His own party men will topple him from his position soon and he will lead a secluded life.

His sister, Priyanka Gandhi has all chances to takeover Congress Party’s top spot during next few years.Rahul Gandhi Horoscope Chart He will be forced to spend some time in foreign countries as Mars (7 years) and Rahu( 18 years) are not favourable for him from 2015 in India. He has to increase his security from 2011 summer to handle frequent threats.

His marriage is not possible before 2014 but even if it happens with lots of hurdles, it wont be a satisfactory one, as Rahu in his 8th house and Ketu in 2nd pose disturbances.