Retrograde Saturn Effects Explained, Past Life Connection

Retrograde Saturn Effects : Introvert, Shy, Uneasy, Lack of Self-Assertion, Uneasy, Believe in Karma, Isolated. Karmic reasons & connections from Past Life.
Saturn Retrograde happens once a year for about four-and-a-half months. The transition between the appearance of forward motion into retrograde motion is called the stationary period. During its stationary period, Saturn has the appearance of not moving at all for about eleven or twelve days.
Retrograde Saturn Effects

During retrograde, Saturn will be trine with Sun and again go direct when it is at another trine with Sun.
If Saturn is in retrograde in your chart, it’s likely that you are constantly in conflict with authority. Either you feel persecuted by those who work above you or you are a person currently mismanaging your power position. Setting limitations and learning the levels to which others may be pushed are matters with which you must take issue. You are afraid of the risk needed to address the powers that be, but the rewards will be great if you can learn to gain more control in this part of your life. Patience will also be a lesson.

People born with Saturn being retrograde in natal chart are found found resolving unfinished businesses or completing work that has been left undone or never reached full fruition.
Professional activities undergo constant refinements and revisions.
Retrograde Saturn effects emphasizes patience, caution and conservatism.
They are too much concerned about old businesses, customs and methods that they fail to act decisively with the new oppurtunities.
They should be guarded against subconscious inactivity in the way of their ambitions.
They yield too easily to external influences due to self protective fear motivation. Most of them appear introvert, shy, uneasy, lacking in self assertion and believe that fate or some compelling universal force control their destiny.
These individuals are secretive and hide their feelings even from the intimate ones. They feel alone, isolated, seperated from others and develop a feeling of being misunderstood.
Such people find security in intellectuals and spirituals as this add to their confidence and reasoning ability.
Saturn Retrograde born are shy to speak in public and would like to remain unknown.
Inferiority complex is always present and these individuals think that they would not be able to compete with status of others. These people always feel that they were underpaid for their work and deserve more.

Saturn Retrograde and Past Life Karmic Connection

If Saturn in retrograde appears in your birth chart you may always have had a difficult relationship with authority figures. You were once severely abused by those with power over you; perhaps you were enslaved or, conversely, you may once have been a belligerent and abusive ruler. Always looking for the easy way out, you have a long history of being immensely impatient.
The only way you will evolve to the next level is if you learn the virtues of patience, hard work and responsibility. You must also learn to respect the people you work with. Rather than continuing with a freewheeling lifestyle, focus instead on making plans and setting strategy.