Retrograde Venus Effects Explained, Past Life Connection

Venus Retrograde happens every 18 months with one stationary day, before and after retrogression.
During retrograde, Venus can also get combust due to closer proximity with Sun.
Venus being retrograde in natal chart indicates emotional frustrations, love failures and loneliness.
These people feel that they are not loved by any and develop frustration.
They cannot adjust to external conditions and also cannot enjoy simple things liked by others, like music, art, humour, nature, relations etc.
Retrograde Venus Effects

Often, they are blamed to be straight-forward, truthful, blunt. They lack charm, spontaneity, tact and adaptability.
These people are subjective in emotional, social and romantic affairs.
During transit Venus Retrograde periods, they find themselves restricted, slowed or tied down in love, financial and all materialistic affairs.
Few of them express unconventional love and can sacrifice their love for sake of religion or society.
They have idealistic views and imaginations about love, sex, marriage, children, family, money etc.
Most of them stick to customs and values which are unimportant to others.

Love failures or Heart Breaks can be caused by any planet, but people born with retrograde Venus will struggle to come out of a broken affair and find new love.
They remain stuck in their imaginary ideal love and blame society for being too materialistic.

Venus Retrograde and Past Life Karmic Connection

If Venus retrograde is in your chart, you have difficulty connecting with your soul mate and sustaining intimate relationships.
You seek fulfillment from your partner but always come up short. In a past life, there were external forces beyond your control to keep you and your lover apart; thus, you never learned how to conduct a mature, productive relationship.
Try to focus on what you really want in a relationship and consider your choice of partners carefully.
Also, look within yourself and ponder what you give back to your partner. Search for ways to improve the gifts you share.

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