Saturn in Aries or Scorpio, aspected by other Planets

Saturn Aries Scorpio AspectsKarmic planet Saturn if placed in Inimical signs of Aries (Mesha) and Scorpio (Vrischik) and aspected by Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter or Venus delivers different results according to Vedic Astrology.
These aspects should be measured from an individual horoscope casted based on their accurate birth details.
If someone has these aspects or combinations, and if those planets conjunct or aspect during their transits, these results are prominently experienced.
For them to yield actual effect, deliverable vimsottari dasas should be experienced by then native.
However, intensity of these results are controlled by other factors like position of Ascendant lord, combination or aspects of other planets, retrogression, conjunctions of Nodes (Rahu, Ketu), combustion etc.

Saturn in Aries or Scorpio, aspected by Sun

Will be interested in Agriculture, Farming, Dairy business, poultry etc.
If ascendant lord and other benefic planets are well placed, then during improving vimsottari dasas, the native will grow his business.
If not, will remain as a small time farmer.

Saturn in Aries or Scorpio, aspected by Moon

Mind will be unstable. Their words and deeds will cause irritation to others.
Will try to have relationships with opposite sex who are below their class.
Most of their money is spent for useless pursuits.

Saturn in Aries or Scorpio, aspected by Mars

Can work in butcher house. Will be inclined towards torturing others (humans and animals) with his words and deeds.
Scientists who test their inventions on animals, ring masters in circus, hunters, employees in Zoo can have this aspect.
Factionists, leader of robbers gang, people who buy and sell stolen goods, smugglers also have this combination.
[example : Sandalwood smuggler Veerappan]
Most of them have weakness for gambling, alcohol and adultery.

Saturn in Aries or Scorpio, aspected by Mercury

Liars, Heavy Foodies have this combination. They are under constant fear of getting caught.
Most of them are habitual corrupts.
People working in restaurant kitches, grave yards, mortuaries, courts also have this combination.
Saturn can make them appear lean but their appetite will be more. Some of them will suffer from constipation.

Saturn in Aries or Scorpio, aspected by Jupiter

Can become an advisor for a highly positioned person. Fame will be more than money.
Union leaders, college principals, chief secretaries usually have this aspect in their horoscope.
Saturn gives popularity, while Jupiter gives higher knowledge and status in society.

Saturn in Aries or Scorpio, aspected by Venus

Unstable mind, faulty judgement, always interested in sexual affairs with opposite sex, loss of comforts and family relations are few results of this aspect.
Venus is delicate, while Saturn is harsh and stubborn. Their combination will lead to conflicts in mind, unstable decisions.
What they think will not be projected properly.
Especially if Saturn is debilitated in Aries and Venus aspects it from Libra, above results are prominently seen.