Saturn in Gemini or Virgo, aspected by other Planets

Saturn Gemini Virgo AspectsKarmic planet Saturn if placed in Friendly signs of Gemini (Mithuna) or Virgo (Kanya) and aspected by Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter or Venus delivers different results according to Vedic Astrology.
These aspects should be measured from an individual horoscope casted based on their accurate birth details.
If someone has these aspects or combinations, and if those planets conjunct or aspect during their transits, these results are prominently experienced.
For them to yield actual effect, deliverable vimsottari dasas should be experienced by then native.
However, intensity of these results are controlled by other factors like position of Ascendant lord, combination or aspects of other planets, retrogression, conjunctions of Nodes (Rahu, Ketu), combustion of Saturn or aspecting planets etc.

Saturn in Gemini or Virgo, aspected by Sun

Saturn will reduce good effects of Sun in friendly signs like Sagittarius or Pisces.
Though, the person will remain philanthropic at heart, they will either not have enough money to help others, or will be pressurized by family members not to do any charity.
Most of them cannot tolerate corruption and will stay away from it.
They will be remembered as honest, courageous and of high values.
Their fame will spread after death.

Saturn in Gemini or Virgo, aspected by Moon

Most of them will spend time maintaining their body with beauty products and treatments.
Can be an influential person in society or a monk of highest order.
Hatha Yogis can have this combination.
Few can work as assistants of wealthy women and gain their appreciation.
Even if they are monks, they can have many female followers.
Few of them can fall for alcohol or sex and lose fame.

Saturn in Gemini or Virgo, aspected by Mars

This combination can be seen in horoscopes of wrestlers, body builders, weight lifters, martial arts experts etc.
Usually they have a crooked body and big eyes.
Few can work as truck drivers, labor in quarries (Mars in Aquarius aspecting Saturn in Virgo).

Saturn in Gemini or Virgo, aspected by Mercury

Wealthy person, have great knowledge of dance, music and other fine arts like painting, sculpture etc.
Choreographers, musicians can have this aspect.
If Mercury is in Poorvashada constellation (Sagittarius), it can aspect Saturn in Gemini and this can lead to expertise in music and dance.
Mercury in Revati nakshatra (Pisces) and aspecting Saturn in Virgo can make a person expert in sculpture or painting.
If Mercury in Poorvabhadra or Uttarabhadra nakshatras, native will fail to convert talent into money and remain unknown.

Saturn in Gemini or Virgo, aspected by Jupiter

They live in official or government houses.
Personal secretaries to highly placed politicians can have this combination.
Will be wealthy and influential in society.
They will remain loyal to their employers.

Saturn in Gemini or Virgo, aspected by Venus

If Venus is placed in Uttarabhadra nakshatra (exalted) and aspects Saturn in Virgo, the native will attract women with ease and can always be surrounded by them.
This can apply to a person working in women’s school or college, Nursing Institute etc.
Few can practice yoga and achieve stable mind.
Men teaching yoga, aerobics, dance, music etc to women or Choreographer surrounded by female disciples, musicians with multiple female chorus singers in their group etc have this aspect.