Saturn in Taurus or Libra, aspected by other Planets

Saturn Taurus Libra AspectsKarmic planet Saturn if placed in Friendly sign of Taurus (Vrishabha) and exalted sign of Libra (Thula) and aspected by Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter or Venus delivers different results according to Vedic Astrology.
These aspects should be measured from an individual horoscope casted based on their accurate birth details.
If someone has these aspects or combinations, and if those planets conjunct or aspect during their transits, these results are prominently experienced.
For them to yield actual effect, deliverable vimsottari dasas should be experienced by then native.
However, intensity of these results are controlled by other factors like position of Ascendant lord, combination or aspects of other planets, retrogression, conjunctions of Nodes (Rahu, Ketu), combustion etc.

Saturn in Taurus or Libra, aspected by Sun

Knows how to convince others with words.
Good speaker, one who eats outside his home regularly, less money but more fame are some of the qualities.
Most will assume this person as a chatterbox and ignore their knowledge.
Their wisdom and maturity will not be useful to make money.

Saturn in Taurus or Libra, aspected by Moon

Will gain money through women (can enjoy properties or income of spouse), will be respected by administrators and politicians, can have good support from in-laws.
Will have multiple relations with opposite gender.
Can get support of highly influencial persons in the society.
Sometimes, their speech can hurt others (saturn+moon combination)

Saturn in Taurus or Libra, aspected by Mars

Can practice martial arts, military training etc but will not show enough courage in real war situation.
Chatterbox, popular among their social circles.
Most of them, who learn combat skills will either not use them when needed or will use it for anti-social activities.
They can ignite quarrels among groups and compromise before actual fight.

Saturn in Taurus or Libra, aspected by Mercury

Comedian, eunuch, premature ejaculation in sex, less sperm count are some of their qualities.
Saturn and Mercury are both impotent planets, which makes this person work under Escorts, Pimps, Prostitutes etc and arrange their needs.
They try to impress opposite gender by showing their helping nature but will get nothing in return.
If the person is male, he will be dominated and insulted frequently by his wife.

Saturn in Taurus or Libra, aspected by Jupiter

One who feels sorry for others, manage others work, gets blamed for his partial or selfish behaviour.
Only their social service or religious activities will gain appreciation of all.
They have to sacrifice their comforts to make others feel comfortable.
They will spend their precious time, wisdom, knowledge, skill for organizations they work for or other individuals and get very less in return.
Few charity acts by them will be like funding education of poor students, organizing free medical camps, blood donations, building bus shelters, temporary relief shelters during natural calamities, supplying drinking water to draught effected areas etc.

Saturn in Taurus or Libra, aspected by Venus

alcoholic, physically fit, spend money on comforts gained from opposite gender are some of the characteristics.
If Saturn is is Taurus or Libra, Venus should be aspecting from either Scorpio or Aries (Mars Signs), which makes few of them handle secrets of highly influential persons in the society.
Most of their life is wasted working for others in expectation of something big.