Scorpio Ascendant (Vrishchik Lagna) – Vimsottari dasas and results

scorpio ascendantScorpio Ascendant (Vrishchik Lagna) born natives will have favorable period during Mars, Sun, Moon and Jupiter dasas.
Saturn and Mercury dasas will give adverse results. Rahu and Ketu dasas will be moderately good.
Venus dasa will yield bad results according to Vedic Astrology.

During favorable 16 years of Jupiter (Guru) dasa, respectable position in profession, constant income, relations with higher officials or politicians, marriage for unmarried, growth in business related to educational institutions will be seen.
You will not have courage to face your enemies, so you will use your relations and influence to attack them.
You will act love but will wait for right oppurtunity to attack them from behind.
You will have fame as an intelligent person but you will not allow any of your associates to grow professionally.
Only those who are seperated from you will see some growth (associates and family members).

During favorable 6 years of Sun (Ravi) dasa, multiple gains from land(real estate or agriculture), profession will be experienced.
You will attain a powerful position in your career and also develop ancestral properties.
If father is alive, he will have good health and successful career, but sometimes your own health will bother you.
Students will emerge victorious in competitive exams.
Research scholars, lawyers, politicians will have great time.
You will adapt a disciplined way of life and expect everyone around to follow the same.
You will be blamed for forcing your opinions and discipline on others.
Will be interested in social service, philanthrophy and similar activities.

During favorable 7 years of Mars (Kuja) dasa, people handling litigations, court cases, lawyers, police will see great results.
You will experience results much better than anticipated. Few will achieve beyond their limits.
Lifestyle will change dramatically and your fame will increase.
Others will be surprised to see your growth.
You will neglect family matters and maintain secrecy regarding your work, thoughts and income.
You will stay away from philanthrophy, but if you help your friends, it will backfire on you.
Health problems related to knees, feet, bones, joints will bother you constantly.

During 10 years of Moon (Chandra) dasa, you will support your siblings and will try to live in a joint family.
Partnership businesses will give you losses and individual businesses will flourish.
Will work at a place away from your native place, but will have a steady profession.
Financially this period will not yield great results but you will earn enough to sustain.
Few will travel abroad for education and job.
They will earn lot of foreign currency.
Many will do social service and philanthrophy in the name of ancestors.
Some kind of insecurity will constantly bother you throughout this dasa and it will make you stay alert in all issues.
Dairy business, sweet shops, water related businesses will flourish.
Development during this dasa will be gradual.

During 18 years of Rahu dasa, many will get addicted to gambling(different forms like playing cards, lotteries) and constantly lose money.
Your associates will secretly hate you for your habits of smoking and gambling.
Professionally you will be labelled as a lazy person and escapist, but few will believe in your talent and will bear with your habits.
Family members will do good in their professions.
Some incident in family will disturb you and you will feel lonely since then.
Foreign travel, friends in foreign countries will prove beneficial.

During 7 years of Ketu dasa, you will be cheated by close associates.
Your mind will be inclined towards religious and spiritual activities and you will follow those norms with belief.
You will get close to someone highly influential in society but this relation will not benefit you.
Students will have favorable time.

During 20 years of Venus (Sukra) dasa, problems in matrimony, frequent disturbances in family, business loss, unemployment, differences and quarrels with relatives, bad habits, failures in love affairs, efforts wasted in arts, entertainment and media fields, unstable life, bad relations with friends, pressure of loans etc will be experienced.
To overcome these 20 years, performing “Bhrigu Pasupata Homam” is recommended.

During 19 years of Saturn (Sani) dasa, progress will be slow. Few will shine in technical fields.
Students of aeronautical engineering, pilots, air hostess will do good.
Transfer of retirement in job, frequent accidents or wounds to body, being forced to extra effort even for minor results will be seen.
Few persons will get into social service or practice medicine as part time profession.
You will be forced to compromise and life without achieving anything.
To overcome few of these bad effects of saturn, performing “Rudra Homam” once per year is recommended.

During 17 years of Mercury (Budha) dasa, heavy losses in businesses will be seen.
You will be blamed for cheating your partners.
Ancestral properties will be lost along with your own earned assets.
Skin diseases, digestive system related problems, allergies will bother you.
You will try to implement good and useful thoughts but will face many practical problems.
Your ideas will be stolen and used by someone else.
Fatigue, depression, losses, disappointments will be experienced many times during this tough dasa.
You will forcefully try to gain patience, discipline and try to lead your life.
Will earn good name as a soft natured person.
Accountants and auditors will earn respect of influential persons.
Your skill in handling financial matters will prove useful to them and they will help you meet many requirements in your family life.

Above predictions for dasa results will vary based on constellations and subdivisions occupied by those planets and also slight modifications will be done based on transit of planets.