How to find Spiritual Energy and Progress in Horoscope

We may meet persons who claim to be spiritual and call themselves guru or baba. They may even project themselves as clairvoyant, psychic and try to make money from others.
Few act religious, spiritual just by reading books, performing prayers and philanthropic acts.
Very few lead normal life but are highly spiritual, detached from this world.
To find out reality, we need to check D-20 (Vimsamsa) chart in their horoscope.
D-20 vimsamsa Spiritual Energy

After finding out the accurate time of birth, cast a person’s horoscope and check their Vimsamsa chakra (D-20).
This is obtained by dividing each rasi into 20 equal parts.
In D-20, check position of Sun, Jupiter, 5th and 9th houses.
If Sun is exalted (Aries), in own sign (Leo) or in friendly signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces), then the person will display spiritual energy and attain fame.
Any graha residing in 5th house becomes creatively brilliant (even Sani in 5 shows brilliance in rules, routines, and structure).

Placement of Jupiter decides actual spiritual knowledge and teaching capabilities.
If Jupiter is exalted (Cancer), in own signs (Sagittarius or Pisces) or in friendly signs (Aries, Leo, Scorpio), then this person can guide others in proper direction.
Debilitated Jupiter in D-20 can make them fake gurus and cause mislead for others.
Any graha residing in 9 becomes an icon of truth and a channel for the exposition of religion.

Sani in 9 = cautious, careful, generally pragmatic and focus on basics in the religious practice.
Sukra in 9 = indulgent love of religious art and music, the divine feminine, sweet bliss of enlightenment. Loves it all.
Surya in 9 = center of attention in the moral and religious discussions (bully pulpit). From the comic to the tragic, radiates truth via ego-theatre.

D-20 chart can predict :

  • General trends and tastes in religious and spiritual practice.
  • Specific types of ritual worship as practiced and as preferred
  • Development of an individual genius perspective on the Sacred which lead to obtainment of permanent wisdom.
  • Penance or spiritually intentional austerity, especially Sani
  • Acts of religious genius.
  • Religious politics; power to claim attention in the Guru role. (esp. Sun)

A5 [arudha -5] in D-20 shows the things based on which the world forms an impression about one’s devotion.

Much simpler way of knowing actual spiritual energy is by checking 5th and 8th cusp lords in D-1 (Rasi Chakra).
Then look for placements of these 2 lords in D-20 (Vimsamsa Chakra).
If both are exalted or placed in own sign in D-20, then person is highly spiritual.
If one if powerfully placed, but other is ill-placed, then spiritual energy exists but will not be useful when needed.
For example : If a personis born with Gemini Ascendant (Mithuna Lagna), then 5th lord is Venus and 8th lord is Saturn in D-1.
If Venus is in Pisces or Taurus or Libra in D-20, but Saturn is in Aries, then this person will be guided in few occassions but not saved in all situations. They can only help themselves but not others.

For Leo Ascendant (Simha Lagna) and Aquarius Ascendant (Kumbha Lagna), 5th and 8th lords are one planet : Jupiter and Mercury respectively.
So, position of Jupiter or Mercury in D-20 will determine what they claim to be and what they actually are.

In Krishnamurthy Paddhati (K.P), if sublord of 5th cusp signifies 6th house, this person will attain Mantra-Siddhi.
If 5th and 9th sublords signify 9th cusp, then he or she will progress spiritually.