Transit JUPITER in Aspects to Natal NEPTUNE

Natal Neptune is the sign where your Neptune was placed during birth time, and from there other houses are calculated clock-wise.
If you were born with Neptune in Scorpio, then your natal house is Scorpio (Vrischika Rasi) and during transit, MOON forming conjunction (in Scorpio), sextile (aspect of 60° which are Virgo and Capricorn in this case), square (aspect of 90° which are Aquarius and Leo here), trine (aspect of 120° which are Pisces and Cancer here), opposition (aspect of 180° which is Taurus here) are discussed in this article.
Conjunction is transiting through same sign as in birth chart, sextile is transiting 3rd or 11th house, trine is transiting 5th or 9th house, opposition is transiting 7th house from natal sign.
Jupiter aspects Neptune

Transit Jupiter conjunct Natal Neptune : Interest in spiritual, religious and mystical phylosophy are the key notes of this transit. The altruistic nature is prominent now and the native is more unselfish for the cause of the needy. Some individuals develop an interest in meditation and other mystical practices. The native lacks mental objectivity and practicability in the implementation of his ideals. The native is interested in foreign cultures and journeys for religious causes. The native may be misused by others for his feelings of generosity and compassion. Under afflictions this transit may manifest in escapist tendencies, drinking and drug abuse.

Transit Jupiter Sextile Natal Neptune : Emotional and spiritual awareness are the key notes of this transit. The native emotionally attaches himself to charitable institutions and spiritual retreats. The native may show an interest in meditation and other such spiritual practices. Some natives may associate with mystical cults and may travel extensively for spiritual search.

Transit Jupiter Square Natal Neptune : False optimism, spiritual delusions, misplaced sympathy etc. characterize this transit. The native may associate himself with the misguiding mystical cults to avoid the practical responsibilities of life or finds a short cut in these means to achieve status in life. A disastrous period for any kind of financial investments or business expansions. The native may addict to drinking and drugs.

Transit Jupiter Trine Natal Neptune : Stimulation of idealism, imagination and intuition are the key notes of this transit. The native is in search of an abstract religious, spiritual and mystical guru who can eradicate the misconceptions in these areas and travels extensively for this cause. The native shows sympathy for the less fortunate. The negative side of this transit is that the native is more unselfish and has little ambition to achieve anything significant and his ego drives are at the lowest point and he feels that everything is fine, though from the worldly point of view he has many things to achieve. Though the imagination is at it’s highest level now, but practical common sense is required in speculations and quick get rich schemes.

Transit Jupiter opposition Natal Neptune : Over optimism, unrealistic schemes, impractical religious idealism are the key notes of this transit. The native may be involved in unrealistic schemes to blind him of the risk with his own resources. Experts of speculation may make out money now but this all depends upon the natal chart. Misplaced sympathies may be source of trouble to the native financially as well as emotionally. Some of the manifestations of this transit are uncontrolled imaginations, wool gathering, delusions of grandeur, emotional dependence on others, sub conscious distortions, drinking and drug abuse.