Transit Jupiter through Natal Houses

Jupiter transit Natal HousesNatal house is the sign where a planet was originally placed during your time of birth.
If Jupiter was placed in Sagittarius in your personal horoscope, then Jupiter transit through that sign (Sagittarius) is called Transit Jupiter through Natal 1st House and remaining houses are counted clock-wise. When Jupiter transits Libra, it is Transit Jupiter through Natal 11th House.

Transit Jupiter through Natal 1st House : Optimistic and confident outlook is the keynote of this transit. You will try to make best use of resources and potentials. You will be made aware of necessity is now. You put on weight due to overeating, or for being more happy.
Afflicted Jupiter makes you more showy.

Transit Jupiter through Natal 2nd House : Your efforts will be to achieve material possessions. You will be more conscious of the social status now and donate money for charity. You like afflicted Jupiter can cause extravagance and investment in unwanted professions.

Transit Jupiter through Natal 3rd House : Philosophical and intellectual Outlook are highlighted here. There will be more interactions and support from siblings. You will be more generous and tolerant. This is good time for study, travelling, and understanding the world. You will be more interested in fact than theory. You like afflicted Jupiter can imbibe intellectual Pride, cultural views.

Transit Jupiter through Natal 4th House : You want to spend time in education, domestic peace and security. Changes will be made to your house or you may invest in real estate now. You will want to spend more time at home now.

Transit Jupiter through Natal 5th House : Increased interest in social, romantic and financial activities happen during this transit. Ego and selfishness take a backseat, which will help you Express creatively. Good relations with children, lovers.
This is time to meet a person from different background. Mind will be full of love thoughts. Women can have inner urge to have children. Afflicted Jupiter will cause loss in financial speculations and you too overindulgence in pleasures.

Transit Jupiter through Natal 6th House : Work conditions will improve and relations with colleagues will be better. You Will Seek better conditions for work and also good remuneration. This is good time to take care of your health and spiritual healing. Proper diet should be followed.
Afflicted Jupiter can produce take it for granted attitude in work and tendency towards laziness.

Transit Jupiter through Natal 7th House : You will be kind and consider others opinions. There will be eagerness to form partnerships now. Counselling, guidance, mentoring will be helpful. Because you want to expand your understanding in the world, you will choose partnership or close relationship with someone whose background is totally different. If married during this period, partner maybe old or wiser.
Afflicted Jupiter will make you suffer due to take it for granted attitude.

Transit Jupiter through Natal 8th House : You will invest time and effort in occult and family inheritances during this time. You will be in a better position to use other people’s resources. People around you will be helpful and you can enter into business partnership easily.
Afflicted Jupiter will cause difficulties in business, lack of cash flow.

Transit Jupiter through Natal 9th House : Anything related to foreign, travel, religion and philosophy are key notes of this transit. You will be interested in learning more abstract and profound subjects. Writers will Express their views and share experiences. There will be involvement with foreign countries or foreigners.
Afflicted Jupiter can make you fanatic and narrow minded.

Transit Jupiter through Natal 10th House : Your professional ambitions and growth then status will take front seat. You will execute your plans cautiously to achieve a distinction in area of specialisation. Ego can cause conflicts with superiors.
This is time for big achievements.
Afflicted Jupiter can cause abuse of power, status for selfish motives.

Transit Jupiter through Natal 11th House : You will understand the value of groups and organisations. Friends will be supportive.
Afflicted Jupiter indicates hypocrisy and selfishness.

Transit Jupiter through Natal 12th House : You will develop sense of universal sympathy. Some of you may follow orthodox way of worshipping God by visiting religious places. Past experience will be useful for future trends. You may also take part in constructive social service.
Meditation will be practiced at spiritual retreats and places of seclusion. You like afflicted Jupiter will cause escapism, self indulgence, misplaced sympathy and brooding.