Transit MERCURY in Aspects to Natal Houses

Mercury Natal TransitNatal house is the sign where your LAGNA or Ascendant was placed during birth time, and from there other houses are calculated clock-wise.
If you were born with Lagna or Rising Sign in Leo, then your natal house is Leo (Simha Lagna) and during transit, Mercury forming conjunction (in leo), in 2nd house (Virgo), in 3rd house (Libra) etc are discussed in this article.

Transit Mercury in Natal 1st House : Focus will be on Self Expression, communication of ideas and self confidence.
You will tend to respond faster and appear intelligent to others.
All the communication initiated have useful results. There can be short trips relating to intellectual ideas.
You will pay more attention to dressing, diet and hygiene.
If Mercury is afflicted or combust, nervousness, anxiety, irritation, environmental disturbances, useless and loose talk, downfall in performance at work can happen.
Favorable planets aspecting Mercury here can enhance lecturing, writing, study, research and correspondence.

Transit Mercury in Natal 2nd House : This transit is good for business and commercial affairs. Good time for negotiations, planning.
Time to assess your value materially, intellectually and spiritually and plan improvements.
Few can undergo training to specialize in some area of interest.
Right time to sign new business deals and go on short trips.
Afflicted Mercury warns you to avoid all business and financial transactions. Judgement is unclear and you may be mislead intentionally or accidentally.

Transit Mercury in Natal 3rd House : You need to communicate clearly. Mercury here signifies teaching, writing, publishing, short travels.
Your relation with siblings, neighbors can improve.
There can be lot of ideas which leads to confusion.
It is better to gather maximum information now and leave decision making to later time.
Afflictions indicate weird communications and inability to read between lines.

Transit Mercury in Natal 4th House : There can be lot of intellectual activity at home. You will concerned about fitness, diet of self and family.
You will come in contact with intellectuals frequently.
Afflicted Mercury interferes with thinking and all communications.

Transit Mercury in Natal 5th House : You will be interested in child psychology, knowing lovers mind, sexual fantasies and games of skill.
You can express all thoughts in mind with ease and make others listen.
There can be few romantic encounters during short trips and at work.
Investments in stock market can be fruitful.
Afflictions indicate hindrances in studies, work and ill-health due to over indulgence in pleasure activities.

Transit Mercury in Natal 6th House : There will be concern about diet, health and physical workout.
Learning new skills can improve job situation. Your desire to improve working conditions can gain appreciation.
Sometimes you can be critical and do not care about opinion of others.
Afflictions to transit Mercury can lead to concern about health of self or relatives, involvement in directionless chit-chat at cost of work, nervousness.

Transit Mercury in Natal 7th House : Differences with partners can be resolved due to effective talks.
Intellectual encounters can open up new ideas.
Good time for advertising, public relations, negotiations, bargaining and signing legal contracts.
Afflictions indicate difficulties in above areas.

Transit Mercury in Natal 8th House : Good time to talk about alimony, insurances, will of deceased person, taxes, joint accounts.
Intuition will be high regarding investments, science, mysteries and political affairs.
If Mercury is linked to outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto), can cause interest in life after death studies.
Curiosity about opposite gender and sexual activities can lead to some trouble.
Afflictions can cause danger due to investigations.

Transit Mercury in Natal 9th House : There will be new found interest in law, religion, philosophy, foreign culture and history.
Few can have prophetic vision of future trends and events.
Time for monetary gains from long distance.
Also good transit for getting admitted into universities, research studies and communicating with people from different races and countries.

Transit Mercury in Natal 10th House : You will be busy with calls, emails, messages regarding business and profession.
Practical ideas are well received by persons in authority. Mercury in aspects of good planets can make you sign business deals.
Favorable time for political favors and also for getting into specialized training for professional advancement.
Afflicted Mercury can lead to loss of reputation, bad publicity and disagreement with authorities.

Transit Mercury in Natal 11th House : This is best time to plan with fresh ideas.
You can convince officials and government agencies.
Group activities, inventions, innovations are favored.
Afflicted Mercury can make you eccentric and also follow wrong advises.

Transit Mercury in Natal 12th House : Secret investigations, hacking, subconscious insights are possible.
If Mercury has good aspects, intuition will be high and useful guidance can be received.
Possible associations with hospitals, asylums and charitable institutions.
Afflicted Mercury can lead to day dreaming, planning secret schemes, mental distortions and escapism.

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