Transit Neptune through Natal Houses

Natal house is the sign where a planet was originally placed during your time of birth.
If Neptune was placed in Scorpio in your personal horoscope, then Neptune transit through that sign (Scorpio) is called Transit Neptune through Natal 1st House and remaining houses are counted clock-wise. When Neptune transits Aquarius, it is Transit Neptune through Natal 4th House.
Transit Neptune Natal Houses

Transit Neptune through Natal 1st House : Clairvoyant, mediumistic, imaginative faculties are enhanced.
You will be subconsciously motivated towards religion, spirituality, mysticism, psychology and art forms.
Inferiority complex will develop, which can make you hide personal activities.
Good period for artists and musicians to reinvent themselves. You will show sympathy while understanding needs of others.
Psychological factors and poor blood flow can cause few health problems.
Afflicted Neptune can cause phobias, neurotic conditions, escapist tendencies and self made illusions.

Transit Neptune through Natal 2nd House : Strange experiences regarding money flow can be expected.
Imagination, creativity, photography, drawing, painting etc skills can be used to make money.
There will be few secret financial transactions. Afflicted Neptune will make you go blind regarding realities of game and make a victim of deception.

Transit Neptune through Natal 3rd House : You will develop peculiar fancies and inspirations.
Strange incidents will happen to siblings and neighbours. Short trips will be made to convey secret informations.
Intellectual interest will be developed in mysticism, music, art, photography, religion, psychic and telepathic abilities.
Afflicted Neptune will lead to low level psychic practices and impractical ideas. You will remain in your own world of misguided fantasies.

Transit Neptune through Natal 4th House : Family members will suffer with psychological problems. Subconscious memories will be stimulated.
Time to get involved in meditation and spiritual practices.
Afflicted Neptune will make family feel that all bad incidents are due to an evil spirit.
Oils, gas or water leakage can cause damage.

Transit Neptune through Natal 5th House : Insight into music, art will be developed.
Romance is given more preference than sex.
Music composers, singers, lyricists get a chance to compose something worth-while now.
Afflicted Neptune will cause deception in love, isolation, indulgence into drugs, sex and speculative losses.

Transit Neptune through Natal 6th House : Work related matters are drive by intuition.
There will be some interest in social service, working in hospitals etc.
Your dressing style can change to more colorful, with added interest in art, music, psychology, occult, cinema etc.
Afflicted Neptune can cause unemployment, lowered work efficiency. Servants or colleagues can be fraud.
Psychosomatic type diseases and those which cannot be diagnosed can effect your health.
Heavy affliction causes serious danger from drugs, wrong medication, anaesthisia etc. Immunity gets depleted.

Transit Neptune through Natal 7th House : You will develop intuitive understanding of others psychology and subconscious memories.
Few relations will leave lasting impressions.
This is bad transit for lawyers, doctors, architects.
Current partnerships may develop misunderstandings but new partnerships must be deferred.
Hidden feelings can break marriage.

Transit Neptune through Natal 8th House : Interest in occult, psychic and hidden aspects of this universe will develop.
This is the time to explore your subconscious mind and hidden areas inside.
If money is borrwed from others, it can cause conflicts.
Life pattern will be changed due to death of someone close to heart.
Afflicted Neptune will cause self deception and mysterious death.

Transit Neptune through Natal 9th House : You will be more intuitive, psychic, express occult knowledge.
Few will be able to foresee the future. Travel will enrich yourself with multiple cultures and spiritual traditions.
This transit blurrs the insight and creates confusion.
Afflicted Neptune will make you associate with a pseudo preacher and create and inflated sense of spiritual superiority.

Transit Neptune through Natal 10th House : Intuition and imagination will guide your professional career.
This is time to learn basics of life. Few will get engaged in charity and social service.
Interest will be shown in all creative and mystic professions.
Few secret endeavours can lead to professional success.
Afflicted Neptune leads to lack of practical ideas, downfall and disgrace.

Transit Neptune through Natal 11th House : You will meet talented artists and intuitive people during this transit.
Intuitive guidance from friends will be helpful.
Spiritual knowledge and power will be used for humanitarian cause.
You will be concerned about well being of loved ones and friends.
Afflicted Neptune can cause misplaced sympathies leading to misleads. Also excessive alcoholism and drug abuse can be seen.

Transit Neptune through Natal 12th House : Retrospection, meditation, spiritual inclination will be highlighted.
Materialistic success will be less compared to spiritual.
Afflicted Neptune can cause subconscious distortions, misdirected fancies and espcapists tendency from realities of life.

As Neptune spends about 14 years on average in each sign, a human being may not see beyond transit pluto through natal 8th house.
Effects from transit through rest of the houses are applicable for countries, states, cities, organizations etc.