Transit Rahu through Natal Houses

Transit Rahu Natal HousesNatal house is the sign where a planet was originally placed during your time of birth. If Transit Rahu was placed in Virgo in your personal horoscope, then Rahu transit through that sign (Virgo) is called Transit Rahu through Natal 1st House and remaining houses are counted clock-wise. When Rahu transits Cancer, it is Transit Rahu through Natal 3rd House.
Note : Houses are counted counter-clockwise as Rahu transits in retrograde motion.

Transit Rahu through Natal 1st House : You will get honor, wealth and favors through best usage of prevailing social trends.
Benefits through religious, educational and scientific affairs are possible.
Popularity will increase as you blend with social circles. Power will be added to personality and self expression.

Transit Rahu through Natal 2nd House : Attempts will be made to make money from current trends.
Benefits through legacy, gifts or heredity.
You will spend money on unnecessary items and increase your posessions.

Transit Rahu through Natal 3rd House : Travelling extensively for communicating about current trends is possible.
There will be gains from siblings, cousins and neighbours.
Social activity will increase. Interest in spiritual and educational matters will increase.

Transit Rahu through Natal 4th House : Attempts will be made for family growth. You will be in sync with current trends of society.
Social and cultural activities at home can bring you happiness.
Good time to buy a house, property or vehicle.
Benefits from ancestors are also possible.

Transit Rahu through Natal 5th House : You will like children to grow up in a matured and clean environment.
Romance and love will occupy your mind. Sexual activities, interests in cinema, art, music, literature will increase.
Social popularity will increase. Sports will also help you gain popularity.

Transit Rahu through Natal 6th House : Good health, suitable working environment, increase in vitality are possible.
Health care will be your top priority. Superiors and colleagues will extend complete support at work.
There is possibility of a promotion in job. Modern techniques will be adopted.

Transit Rahu through Natal 7th House : You will try to gain an edge over enemies through diplomacy.
Benefits from opposite gender, social, partners and cooperative endeavours are possible.

Transit Rahu through Natal 8th House : There will be gains from corporate and joint ventures.
Disputes over legacies, inheritances will be settled in your favor.
Occult activities can bring you some temporary benefits.

Transit Rahu through Natal 9th House : You will try to relate current trends and cultural activities to educational and philisophical norms.
Extensive travel to get a glimpse of present day world.
Interest in foreign art forms, cultures, languages will increase.
Few may have prophetic visions and can see future incidents in their dreams.

Transit Rahu through Natal 10th House : You will achieve honors, credits and position due to hard work done in past.
Application of modern methods and trends for professional advancement is possible.
Growth in politics and business by knowing public mood and using them properly.
You will be criticized as being an oppurtunist but this is the best time to reap the crop of public favor in your own benefit.

Transit Rahu through Natal 11th House : Establishing new friendships, groups, organizations will be easily done.
Knowledge will be updates in current trends and cultural values.
You will display generosity and brotherhood.
Afflicted Rahu can make your friends use you for their ulteriors motives.

Transit Rahu through Natal 12th House : Employment of secret methods for personal gains is possible.
Occult and other vices will be used for personal benefit.
Sudden Monetary losses are possible.