TV Channel Surfing by Zodiac Signs

Your Zodiac Moon Sign can reveal little secrets about choice of TV channel surfing, tastes and psychologies.
Are you a Friends aficionada? No wonder you’re a Leo.
Do you dig sports and detest any show to do with family and life? You’ re the Virgo girl.

Find out how even your channel surfing habits is influenced by your moon sign.

Aries: Arians are free spirits and they hate to be bound by anything, not even by a mindless show on television. As a result, you will seldom find Arians watching one show for more than five minutes. It must have been an Arian who discovered the ‘auto surf’ button in the remote.
They either keep switching channels or just go to sleep on couch, trying to watch a boring show.

Taurus: Somebody please tell them that they are not obliged to watch any show that is not up their alley. Like in most other matters, once they start on something, they see it until its end, literally.
They can even leave the TV On and get into kitchen or pickup the phone.

TV Channels Astrology zodiac signs

Gemini: Geminis follow shows so ardently that it looks like their life depended on it. They are the sponsors delight and give a boost to the TRP ratings a boost. No matter what time or place, they never miss out on their daily dose of TV show.
It must have been a Gemini who invented digital TV recorder and scheduler.

Cancer: Any show that touches a chord with their feelings is what they fall for, hook line and sinker. No wonder even jaded and totally fossilized shows like Bold and Beautiful is still on their must-see watch.
They will share their liked shows with everyone in their network and keep asking until others saw it.

Leo: Leos would rather watch a show that they can pick up smart one-liners from so they hurl the same in a public gathering and make people laugh. They will stick to comedies and shows with a strong dialogue concept.
They usually would love to watch music, dance shows to steal (get inspired ?) ideas or spot new talent.

Virgo: Virgos watch TV as an escapist mode. They detest the very idea of watching another show that reflects life and its trappings. Instead, they go for some alive and kicking shows – sports shows for instance. At any time, you can catch them counting scores and yelling out at sports channels.

Libra: Librans seek romance and all other feelings (that they lack in real life) through television. So don’t be surprised if they are eternally surfing to the nearest music channel which dishes out romantic duets sung amidst lush greenery. It’s more a reflection of what they would have wanted to do, left to their own devices.

Scorpio: It’s a Scorpio who must have coined the term ‘idiot box’. They hate the very idea of having to waste a few minutes at watching a dumb box that dishes out images randomly. It’s rare to find a Scorpio with the remote, not even when a disaster like 9/11 happens.
If their TV needs a repair, they will not attend it for months.

Sagittarius: Sagittarians don’t get swayed by sentimental tripe. They prefer some lighthearted shows that don’t take much of their time. They also are not keen about watching shows such as cricket matches because it takes too much of their time.

Capricorn: It is surprising that they don’t realize one can use the remote to shift to a show they like. They are the kind to plonk themselves on the couch and watch whatever is on the TV by default. What’s worse, they take pleasure in watching the same, even if it’s a show about the farming culture of EMU birds in some interior village or the same tourism show on discovery channel.
Most of them usually prefer either National Geographic or Animal Planet or Discovery channels.
Sometimes will watch comedy shows for hours without break.

Aquarius: Watching TV is a like an add-on for them. They rarely spend time exclusively for watching TV. Instead, they prefer disciplining others from doing the same. Beware of an Aquarian family member, spouse or roommate. They don’t watch TV, neither do they allow you to.

Pisces: They either completely swear off TV for a few months. But should the sports season begin, they start off on their marathon TV watching sessions. You are lucky if you can get these folks to do around brushing and showering when they are in the second phase of TV watching.
They never watch game shows, daily soaps, reality shows, news reports (unless its a national level breaking news which has gone viral).
Sometimes they tend to watch old movies or music.