Zodiac Food Preferences by Moon Sign

Zodiac Food PreferencesWhere would you take your partner for dinner ?
How will you know her/his food preferences and tastes during early days of romance or dating ?
Astrology gives you an idea based on zodiac food preferences by moon sign of your partner.
While Aries are impatient at table, Pisceans can be moody.

Where to take your partner for dinner ? (based on her/his zodiac food preferences by Moon Sign)

Aries: They like it hot. Variety, for them, is the spice of life. Aries are impatient when it comes to food. So when taking out an Arian for dinner, book your table at the restaurant and decide your menu much earlier than usual.
Taurus: They like a languorous meal with exotic dishes. They are experimental and they are all out for continental food. That fancy Italian joint at the end of the city! That’s the right place for them.
They can adjust with any type of food but better leave the choice of ordering food with them.

Gemini: They prefer home-cooked food and are non-fussy about eating. They don’t mind trying anything out, no matter how outrageous its sounds. A traditional dinner at home goes well with Geminis.
They are good cooks and it would be better if you let them try what they like.

Cancer: They have specific likes and dislikes. They take more pride in cooking and getting appreciation for it. Take a Cancerian to a tried and tested place where they can have their kind of food. If a Cancerian loves masala dosa, take her/him to an Udipi joint. No experiments please!

Leo: They would rather have just a hot soup in the most expensive restaurant than have an elaborate, nice meal at a wayside restaurant. They love fluids with their food. That frightfully expensive place with best wines, that’s where you need to take your Leo partner for an outing.

Virgo: They survey the crockery; look around to see if there is any dust and check for any flaws. They need the neatest restaurants, the kind that serves mineral water and ‘untouched by hand‘ recipes.
Too much fat conscious at times and some times can eat anything.

Libra: They are sensuous eaters, who enjoy every morsel and relish every bit. They enjoy a meal in the midst of a soft music, tastefully placed crockery and a good conversation. They are interesting eaters with a refined and eclectic taste.

Scorpio: They are non-fussy about food and don’t mind even eating in dark, dingy, not-so-upmarket places. They love eating natural foods such as eggs and mushrooms and don’t mind having the same food over and over again.

Sagittarius: They love exotic and high-sounding foods. They love indulgent foods such as nuts, dry fruits, cheese, butter etc in their foods. Sundaes are what they dig into in a dessert restaurant.

Capricorn: They are the most difficult to please. They don’t mind walking out of a restaurant after placing the order if they find something not to their taste. Capricorns are discerning eaters and attach importance to the etiquette of the staff and the manner in which food is served.
Never take them to expensive places, because they compare the bill with the quality of food and service.

Aquarius: For them a meal is not just food, but an experience. They are choosy about their company while going out. They like everything in place. First a drink, an appetiser, starters, main course, dessert etc. Give them the best, even if expensive.

Pisces: Their food habits are governed by their moods. They binge when they are depressed. But when happy, they relish anything. In a way it’s difficult to take Pisceans out for dinner because they eat best when in their blues.
They can eat anything and sometimes dislike even the most tasty meal, based on their mood.