Astrology and Ayurveda interlinked for better curing

We come across many references in the Indian ancient literature regarding relationship between astrology and probable timing of ailments. Prescriptions for treatment of disease were also done with the combined help of astrology and Ayurveda. Many classics proclaim that the expert medicine-men of the past were also expert astrologers.

astrology ayurvedaDuring those times, the only system of medicine known to man was Ayurveda. There were some other systems akin to Ayurveda outside India also. All systems depended on plant and animal species, stones and other materials for preparation of medicine. The Allopathic and the homeopathic systems developed after a long time and both were aided by laboratory tests and research. The same degree of accuracy cannot be claimed for diagnosis of a disease on the basis of the horoscope of an individual. However, a relationship exists between the timing of a disease and planetary influences which a competent astrologer can find out from a duly-cast horoscope.

The practitioners of Ayurveda in the past took help from astrology in these matters. Vedic astrology is unique as it advocates remedial measures in the form of propitiation of planets also in the event of occurrence of a disease.

Vedic astrology can help in the following manners.

Probable timing of the disease: An astrologer can time the onset of disease even before the occurrence of the disease by seeing the planetary combinations in the horoscope and by using the “dasa” system and the transit. This is the area of strength for an astrologer which a doctor may not be able to do. An astrologer can also predict about the type of disease and the organs likely to be affected by the disease.
Apart from vimsottari dasas, transit (gochara) is also taken into account and usually saturn is responsible for all ailments in general, Rahu responsible for interior pains, Ketu for viral attacks, Mars for injuries, Sun for raise in temparature.

Diagnosis of disease: Astrological classics do point towards combinations which can cause specific illnesses as per the horoscope, but, this can be better done by a doctor. An astrologer can provide valuable inputs at times. However, the area of diagnosis is the strength of the medical practitioner. In this field they seem to score over an astrologer.

Severity of disease: This area can be handled by both astrologers as well as doctors. Astrologers can understand the severity of the disease by judging the degree of affliction of planets causing the ailments and by cross-checking the result with the ongoing dasa and prevalent transits.

Treatment: The medical remedies of today are far more superior and reliable compared to astrological remedies. However, astrology can help as a preventive tool. It makes an individual aware about the problems in advance so that he can take preventive steps. He can take steps for diluting the impact of the disease by resorting to methods prescribed by astrological classics.
Such methods are sometimes very useful. Surgical operations are also not 100% successful and views of competent astrologers can be taken in such matters.
Medical practitioners can be consulted after the onset of the problem.
Ayurvedic doctor if he knows Astrology too can cure the disease in better way as he would have complete knowledge of the cause behind the disease and defeciency in immune system.
For example : A person feels weak and lack of stamina or motivation if there is less iron and vitamin B in his body and Saturn is the planet who controls them.
So a doctor with astrological knowledge can predict the ailment well in advance and prevent it or atleast reduce its ill-effects.