Atibala or Abutilon Indicum Home Made Natural Remedies, Medicinal uses

AtiBala or Abutilon IndicumAtiBala or Abutilon Indicum controls Heart Palpitations, Blood in Urine and Pain, free Urine and Sores in Urinary Bladder & Tract, Back ache & Body Pain, Loss of the five Sensations, Piles, Dental, Fever, Swelling, Gall Bladder Stones & Pain, Sore Throat & Glands.

Atibala is called Abutilon Indicum or Indian Mallow in English, Tutti in Kannada, Perum Tutti in Tamil, Mudra in Marathi, Khapat in Gujarati, Masthul Gola in Arabic, Petari or Jhapi in Bengali, Duvvenakaya(Tuturu Benda) in Telugu, Vellula in Malayalam.
It is a perennial shrub native to India but now treated as an invasive weed in Africa, Australia, and America. It is about 6 feet height and with strong branches. Indian Mallow leaves are round and resemble Cotton leaves. Its flowers are yellow in color and have 5 petals. Its seeds are black in color and wide. Indian Mallow or Tuturu Benda has a lot of medicinal applications in Ayurveda. It is an excellent remedy for urinary problems, gall bladder stones and fever.

Atibala or Abutilon Indicum or Indian Mallow Home Made Natural Medicinal Usages

For Heart Palpitations:

Take seven Indian Mallow (Tuturu Benda) leaves and wash them thoroughly. Grind them with water and extract the juice. Add some sugar to this juice and eat it. Heart palpitations caused by overheat will reduce gradually.

For Blood in Urine and Pain:

For some of us suffering from pain while urinating, blood in urine, swelling in urinary tract, life can look a little less rosy. We cant even share our pain with others. Obtain some Indian Mallow (Tuturu Benda) leaves and put in water and leave for some time. Latter add some rock candy and drink it. After regular usage the above urinary problems will be cured gradually.

For free Urine and Sores in Urinary Bladder and Tract:

Take some Indian Mallow (Tuturu Benda) leaves and add some cumin seeds to them and grind them together. Add some water to it and filter it. Drink this medicine for some days to get relief from sores in urinary bladder and tract. Also urine will be passed freely and painlessly.

For Back Ache and Body Pain:

Obtain some Indian Mallow leaves and wash them thoroughly. Crush them into a decoction and drink. Simultaneously warm some Indian Mallow leaves and put them on the back and other parts of the body where pain is intense. Tie it with a cloth and let it remain for some time. All the pains mentioned aforesaid will be cured.

For Loss of the Five Sensations:

All of us look and feel the world through out five senses, the vision, smell, taste, hearing and touch. If we start losing any of them, life becomes difficult. Take 50 grams of Indian Mallow (Atibala) seeds and 100 grams of wild asparagus(satavari). Grind them together and to this add rock candy or honey. Heat this mix on a low flame and make an ointment. Let it cool and store in a glass bottle. Eat this mix twice a day and drink a glass of milk. This will slowly restore our senses.

For Piles caused due to Overheat:

Take few leaves approximately 21 of Indian Mallow (Tuturu Benda) and same number of pepper cloves and grind them together. Make seven pills out of this. Every day for seven days take one pill with water. This will cure piles due to overheat.

For Dental Problems:

Take some Indian Mallow (Abutilon Indicum) leaves and squash them into a juice. Early in the morning take this decoction in the mouth and gargle. This will cure dental problems strengthen gums.

For Swelling:

Get some Indian Mallow (Atibala) leaves and wash them thoroughly. Put them in hot water and remove after sometime. Apply these boiled leaves on the swelling part of the body to relieve the pain.

For Fever:

Obtain Indian Mallow (Tuturu Benda) root and crush it. Soak this crushed root in water and drink the water. This will reduce the fever and also the urination will be free and painless.

For Gall Bladder stones and Pain:

Take 50 grams Indian Mallow (Tuturu Benda) plant and grind it to a paste. Make pills out of this. Put some ghee(clarified butter) in a pot and melt it. To this add the above pills. After the pills get fried, remove the ghee and store. Drink 5 milliliter of this ghee to cure gall bladder pain and remove stones.

For Sore Throat and Glands:

Get 10 grams of Indian Mallow (Tuturu Benda) root and 2 grams of pepper cloves. Grind them together and roll into small pills. Eat two pills in the morning and two in the evening. Immediately drink pala sugandhi(Indian sarsaparilla herb) juice. Also apply Indian Mallow (Tuturu Benda) root and of pepper cloves paste on the throat and glands and bandage it. This will cure sore throat and swelling in the glands.