Ayurvedic cure for Ear Infection and Hearing related problems

ear hearing problems cureAyurveda prescribes natural and home made treatment methods to cure ear and hearing realted problems.
Recipe No.1: Put 2 drops of lukewarm sesame oil or mustard oil in the ear. Insert both index fingers in the ears and breathe in through mouth. Store the air in mouth and gargle with the air so that the cheeks will bulge and contract for 1 to 3 min.
Benefits: Ear problems will not crop up for 100 years.

Recipe No.2:
i) Press 200 times the portion between little finger and ring finger.
ii) Press the entire ring finger and little finger 200 times.
iii) Stretch your ears gently to left/right, top/bottom and give movement in clockwise/anticlockwise direction.
Benefits: Numbness of head due to ear ache, headaches, all ear problems get cleared
Precautions: Decrease usage of cell phones.

Recipe No.3:
Raddish Oil:
White raddish juice : 1 cup
Sesame oil : 1cup
Add juice to oil and boil it on low flame till juice absorbs/evaporates in oil. Cool it and store.
Usage: 1 to 2 drops two times a day.
Benefits: All ear problems including roaring sounds, pus formation, sores, worms, hearing problems get cleared.

Recipe No.4:
Applewood Oil (Bilva Tailam):
Apple wood or Aegle marmelos / Bilva fruit powder ; 100 gm
Cow’s urine : ½ lt
Goat’s milk : ¼ lt
Sesame : ¼ lt.
Boil cow’s urine on low flame. When it is boiling, add applewood fruit powder and boil till one fourth remains. Filter the same and add goat’s milk and sesame oil and boil once again till oil remains. Filter and store the oil.
Put 4 drops oil with cotton and gently massage front and back portions of ear. Put both index fingers in both ears and breathe in air with mouth and do the gargling exercise with air without opening lips and with cheeks bulging and contracting.
Benefits: Ear problems due to vata, pitta, kapha will be eliminated.

Recipe No.5:
Oil for pus formation in ear: Filter 75 gm white raddish juice and add 250 gm sesame oil, 10 gm ajwain seeds (little crushed) and 10 gm turmeric.
Place all the above contents in a vessel and put it on SIM flame till oil remains. Continue stirring till end. Filter the oil and store.
Usage: Put 2 to 3 drops oil in warm condition to the ear having pus.

Recipe No.6: Apply steam of 2 fist full of neem leaves, little turmeric boiled in water to the ear, throat, nose. Foment the water on the ear and its surroundings with a cloth.
Benefits: Ear suffering from pus will be relieved.

You can use any one recipe/method as Ayurvedic cure for Ear Infection from above.