Banyan Fruit improves vitality among men and women

Indian Banyan or Ficus benghalensis, is the National tree of India and it bears its fruits mostly in summer and around.
Banyan Fruit

Usually, we lose our energy levels due to excess heat in summer and banyan fruits can help us regain the lost energy and vitality.

Method to make Banyan fruit powder :

  • Collect Banyan fruits when they red in color.
  • Wash them and cut each fruit into 4 pieces and let them dry under sun
  • Fry ajwain seeds(jeera) for 2 minutes and powder them
  • Make powder of Banyan fruits
  • Add candy sugar powder and fried ajwain seeds powder to banyan fruits powder and store this mixture in a glass jar or bottle.

How to consume : Kids, teenagers, youngsters, middle aged persons and old people can consume half spoon or one spoon of this powder daily(based on their age and digestion capacity) and supplement with a glass of warm milk.

Advantages of banyan fruit powder : Regular consumption of this powder will help kids grow taller and stronger.
Thin people will gain muscle.
Skin color will improve.
Intelligence and memory power will also improve.
Teenagers and youngsters who lost energy by excess masturbation or over indulgence in sexual activities, alcohol, drugs, tobacco etc can regain their lost energy through this powder.
It will also control premature ejaculation in sex and improves sperm count among men.
Regular usage for 1 year will make anyone fit and strong for their entire lifetime.

Women who suffer from menstrual irregularities, womb disorders, frequent abortions etc will get rid of all their problems within one year of continuos consumption of this powder.
It also lifts up breasts and make them look attractive and also removes wrinkles on skin to make you look younger.

Older people will regain lost vitality and have more energy.

It is important to stay away from all sexual activities while consuming this powder, so that one can retain its strength till the body is completely cured.

Alternate method : If you cannot find banyan tree near your place and make this powder, then try this alternate method.
Buy Salabmisri (Orchis Mascula) powder and consumer 10 gms per day (5 gms each in morning and evening on empty stomach with warm milk).
Regular consumption of Salab Misri will help you gain lot of muscles and vitality.

Caution : Before trying this medicine for the first time, clean up your stomach and intestines by consuming castor oil mixed with honey, warm water and ginger juice early in the morning.