Cinnamon for health care at home

Cinnamon sticks, its bark and powder are used in ayurveda to prevent and cure many health problems at home.
When its stick or powder is boiled in water and this syrup is taken, it removes excess heat from body and also cleans intestines.
Chewing gums made of cinnamon are good for digestion after heavy dinner and useful for sound sleep.
It also helps keep bad breath away.cinnamon stick

Constipation : Take Cinnamon and Haritaki(Harde Whole) powders equally and mix them.
Boil this powder in water till water reduces to half its original quantity.
Take this warm syrup (atleast 20ml per hour) to clear intestines.

Every day after lunch and dinner, mix half spoon of cinnamon powder, half spoon of dry ginger powder, one spoon of cardamom(Elachi) powder in 250 ml of water and drink it.
This will help quick digestion.

For excess Phlegm formation : Take 3gms of cinnamon powder, 3 gms clove powder, 3 gms of dry ginger in 1 litre water and boil for 30 minutes.
For every 3 hours, drink 50 ml of this liquid in warm condition to clear cold, cough, phlegm in nose, throat and lungs, and also it will reduce fever.

Uvula swelling or deviation : Rub cinnamon stick with water and make paste.
Apply this paste with cotton buds on to Uvula so that it will return to its normal condition.

Headache and Cold : Make cinnamon paste as above and apply this thick paste on forehead and leave it for atleast an hour.
This removes cold and headache.

For stronger male sexual organ : Early in the morning before brushing your teeth, chew cinnamon stick on empty stomach for a while.
Spit its juice along with your saliva onto your palm.
Massage your organ(do not touch the head part and only massage the remaining part) with his liquid gently.
Doing this daily will strengthen nerves on that organ.

Dementia or memory loss : Alzheimer’s disease, dimentia, lack of grasping power, lack of memory, absent mindedness etc can be reduced by chewing atleast 5gms of cinnamon stick every morning on empty stomach and taking its juice in.

For missing or delayed Mensus among women : Have a piece of raw cinnamon, swallow its juice n chew finally. do it before going to sleep in nights.
Note: This works in 5-24 hours.

Cinnamon tea for cold : Mix a gram of dalchini/cinnamon powder with a teaspoon of honey to cure cold. Prepare a cup of tea to which you should add ginger, clove, bay leaf and black pepper. This should be consumed twice a day. Reduce the intake as the cold disappears.

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