Compatibility & Healing in Relationships for Dominant Dosha Couple

tridosha Kapha Pitta VaataAfter argument and break up its easy to judge, it’s easy to doom and point fingers. Our lives would be so much easier if we analyzed our partners when we meet them through the Ayrvedic Tridoshas of 3 type’s : Kapha, Pitta and Vaata.
If we learned relationship and dating and healing these dominant energies offer us and answers of revolutionary character we would find blessings instead so that our relationships with our ex partners lead us to Self Knowledge and self understanding and not to self pity and disaster.

People with Kapha predominant dosha are more genuine, soft hearted, soft spoken, well balanced, well mannered and harmonious, slow to anger ; for them forgiveness comes naturally as they do not even see the conflict at hand as a big deal. They slowly enjoy the relationship, they enjoy dates, they really let themselves sense the all good moments they spend with their partners.
They are better at accepting differences and they are slow to act yet they feel deeply for their partners.

Others with dominant Vaata and Pitta are too impatient to our fellow humans, perfectionists and fast thinkers, innovators and extroverts, managers; we despise everything boring, repetitive and mainstream.
They are creative, fast and ambitious. They expect all others to be quick to know us the way we are, and think fast not to hurt us.
They expect their friends and lovers to be perfect and to be genuine and wholesome.
They want them to think quickly and in advance, be strategic in planning and organizing our lives.
In all we want we forget that often times we are not the perfect partner.
They don’t listen well, they don’t invest enough, they don’t give enough, they run through or skim through on the surface, they stay shallow on surface.

Being Pitta Kapha : Fast, furious, enthisastic, eager for life and for events and to be in touch with everyone and everything all the time we forget about the main ingredient part of successful life .
Their Kapha Partner or Self Love and self nurturing reached best when we relax and meditate and repeat thousand times.

They forget that all relational drama is culmination of one of the partners not listening and empathizing and being there for the other.
Most relationships break because one partner is feeling left out, not paid enough attention to etc.

Being Kaphas and pittas they are the fast ones, quick to learn ,yet quick to judge ,fast minds allow us to be good hurting others by neglect not on person .
They think that we have thought of all potential blind spots and we tend to not repeat certain things in relationships.
Kapha and pittas would think of not forgetting to call partner yet they would not worry about having something deep and meaningful to talk about.
They will focus on calling yet forgetting that the most important part is to say ‘thank you and sweetie I hope you are alright‘ and being patient enough to listen and hear out our counterpart.
So letting people walk all over you is not a big deal even though Pitta and Kapha people fear it a lot.
In their fast minds they don’t even notice that they neglected their Kapha partner .
Their hyperactivity, hyper sensitivity and information, sensation seeking temperament and character goes so far that they don’t invest enough of ourselves in the relationship we are in and that truly matters to us the most.

When we blame them we should really appreciate. When we are angered we should say sorry instead. Whoever has harmed us ,offended us ,did us wrong probably did it as a reaction and we can’t change it so not being attached to their wrong doing and their intentions is really the best thing. Instead we should learn from it.

We should stop for a second in the future ,take a minute out of our fast paced lifestyle, fast thinking, not having a moment for them, or constantly rushing to other obligations outside of the house to listen, thank appreciate and nurture.
Even though Kapha’s will think it’s silly and nurturing mothering doesn’t come very natural for Vaatas and pittas we can be thanked for it because our fellow Kapha partners know we have made an effort .

Foods like Triphala Churnam and Triphala Rasayanam can help balance Tridoshas in our bodies and keep our mind and thoughts in control.